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And they also have facilities not only here in an over Michigan but also in Jacksonville, Florida again, that's Eisenhower center dot com. And this is not just for military. So I think this is an opportunity for people out there. If you Ah need some assistance might want to give them a call. We have Ah, A friend that we know of whose son was in a really terrible automobile accident that their recovery at the Eisenhower Center, so it's civilians and veterans as well. And of course, we want to thank our local veterans service organizations that includes the American Legion Post number 46 here in Ann Arbor. W Post for 23. And the Charles as kettles, Vietnam. Veterans of America Post number 3 10 All of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Thank you guys. Men and women for all of your support. We couldn't do it without you. All right. So we're going to get right into our program now reminding you again that the local phone number is 734822 1600. I want to welcome our guest for today. Number one. We're talking about a health system. And that is Bryan Hayes and Brian is a public relations director for the Anne Arbor, Va. And Brian. Welcome to Veterans Radio. Hey, Dale. Thanks. Glad to be back clan Have you back? How are things going up there? Well, things are going really well for us. I mean, we're you know, we're still under quite a bit of restrictions as Faras. Visitors go and how patient things like that. But We are sort of opening things up a little bit. We're calling it the new normal. You know where folks are now able to bring in, you know, 11 visitor with them. You know a caretaker or something because they have an appointment. Doing a lot more face to face appointments. Now our surgery is almost up, Tio full speed. You know, It's not quite full speed yet, but it's up there. We're doing a lot of work and Doing the work that the veterans need us to do. We're also hiring a lot right now to case you haven't heard. We've a lot of a lot of community health care systems are kind of hurting through the coded crisis. Some of you are even talking bankruptcy. But a is hiring we need. We need health technicians We need especially nurses, particularly I c u nurse is right now we're in desperate need of I C u nurses and and even administrative folks. We need the administrative folks to back up all the clinical folks, And so that's that's kind of what's going on now and future. We've got quite a few things going on. Oh, you know, we're renaming the facility. As you remember. We talked last month were in the process of going through both chambers of Congress Right now, the renaming of the medical center to the Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kettles, Va Medical Center. We're going to remain a and R for health care system, but the hospital is getting in the game. I meant only that we also got our new intensive care unit will be coming online in just a couple of months. We're looking at mid September. For that. It's a brand new state of the art high tech intensive care unit. That's coming on or it was also getting ready to hopefully to a groundbreaking for our cannon, community based outpatient clinic coming up. We're scheduling that maybe for September. It could be early October, depending on Congressional schedules and things like that, and then some of the things that we have going on right now it's it's pretty busy for us at the time Clad to hear that you are are busy. There's lots of great information out there about the system number one is. I just got a news release the other day that thief, a surgical care is a better, too, or equivalent to non VA hospitals. I can attest to that. That's a research study that came out. I believe it was out of Dartmouth University about a year and 1/2 ago. Um, that showed that ah, the quality of care. Is that good or better and community hospitals by almost every metric every measure that have used one of our issues, you know that we have a B a nurse's way. We've got such stiff competition for nurses. Particularly in Ann Arbor. You know, with the education system that air here and also the whole, our health care system in the area of you know, it's just It's just really. It's very competitive for nurses and to keep him quote. So we like a little bit in that when it comes to the metrics of quality, But Faras patients getting their care were right up there with the best of them. And there was also a study that came out not too long ago from the Journal of the American Medical Association that show that waiter For the are actually better than community care. You know, for example, just I'm just gonna pull this around the top of my head. If you wanted a dermatology appointment at Via might take you a little longer than 30 days. Which is our our hearts the bar that we try to hit. I might take you 40 45 days to get a dermatology appointment, But you won't get that appointment anywhere else for six months. So So when we talk about comparing, you know, when we talk about wait times you have to say compared to what? Right Absolutely one of those is compared to black because I I have an appointment with a quote. I can't say this out loud. I guess a civilian dermatologist next October. I think it is so on. I feel fortunate to get that, but I know that there are other things going on. And maybe we could wait. Bring on our other two cats to talk a little bit about the funding that's happening in the budget. And so forth. But there was one other program. But then I saw that there were expanding funding for the emergency response for veterans experience.

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