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The overwhelming majority around or not? I'm not confident with precision to be able to give you a set number, but I am confident But the prime minister is right that we've got the overwhelming number out off. What our focus on is now is hard. Given the facts on the ground. We get as many people to safety in a structured way and in a way that doesn't put them in the British Foreign secretary Dominic Raab before the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee in London. The British home office today, announcing that Afghan refugees who worked for the United Kingdom, military and government can permanently stay in the country. In all 14,000 people were evacuated from Afghanistan by Britain with 8000 Afghan citizens eligible through the United Kingdom's Afghan relocation and assistance policy scheme. Back here in the United States and President Joe Biden meeting in the White House Oval Office with the president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, US, promising up to $60 million in military aid to Ukraine to counter Russia's activity along their shared border. Crane in the United States have similar value system and strong commitment to the film's fulfillment of a promise that we hope all will come forward. And that is a Europe whole free and at peace. Very nicely. Sporting stock in America my experience in last year, of course in your pocket, then you go happening. You're not sure you should drop chilly smile..

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