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Were talking about bobby kennedy when went on a mission to sort of calm her down after the breakup with with jfk and then they fell in love and they had a tumultuous relationship the story goes ahead of steaming budget but that became that was getting out of hand but again i i this one i was unable to confirm that there was there was sitting stories around at the time that's with a child again no no backup for that but that was certainly one of the show is going around bobby's child would've been yeah that was a story going around the time certain whether the justifications certainly that would've been exposed explosives at the time so as we understand it he stopped relationship and she as a result big threatened to go public with the contents of the kept journal strategies time she was a diary raja on the notch good coach he went to jared that that even happened with you know if he went public with some of the things she knew them the relationships that would have been at that time destructors these things start to add up i stopped might you ask questions about her her death what happened there was a straightforward it was was it an open those or was there something more sinister in bulk it's interesting and we're we're coming up on a break but we'll we'll start discussing some of the the evidence or some of the curiosities regarding the death scene the timeline for example which just constantly changed the time of death but also the the the the sleeping pills was at nembutal there was they were there but there was no no glass of water to be found anywhere in her bedroom where in in the in the area that where she was sleeping which is kind of curious the strange behavior of the housekeeper who i believe when the police arrived she was busy doing laundry all very strange behavior and inconsistencies i'm looked it makes no sense i think a crime scene now the police turn up and the people in the house doing doing the washing the laundry here's question's gonna be all that what was going on the house all right we'll take a timeout david we'll come back and we'll revisit the the death scene the final hours of marilyn monroe and we'll talk about jfk michael jackson elvis presley princess diana david gardner murder lies and cover ups here's rb greaves and take a letter maria taking us into the break on coast to coast am start what's up thank you for the renton dog collar between his dogs just convinced by human upgrade to a new with a twelve hundred square foot bathroom i think she called it a yard with.

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