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Really talked to them seriously about their work and and these are people at all different levels not just you know junior people starting out or anything like that this this is at all different levels it's the first time anyone ever really care to talk to them about what they know and why they love what they do and why they're a designer a why they're in illustrator anything like that so i think that is what is really important that every designer has a story to tell and i think it's important to kind of hold the mic and let them tell that story yeah i i really feel i have always long failed since i met you many years ago that i felt a kinship with revision path that i also feel with with with the show that we're on right now which is that there's yet you have some famous people on yeah you have some really accomplished people on but i love to catch ching people on the come up and then going back and saying hey you know what i had so and so on the show and folk did know who that person was now look what they're doing you know i'm not saying i gave him a stepping stool but i you know i gave them a thumbs up i gave him an up vote when started you know what i mean you gave you gave them the mike you gave them a platform to at least tell people what it is doing because there's no telling who's going to listen to the episode once you put it out there yeah exactly like i'm looking back at my wallet faces and i see kimberly bryant from black girls code had her on two thousand twelve wow years ago you know dozens and dozens it doesn't great stories like that a fun people doing amazing work and catching them while they are already going to become superstars whether they're on our shows or not it's just so nice to look back and say look at that that at corpus that that wall of content that we created in having made hundreds of hours of audio has got to be really satisfying yeah and i mean even for them like i know we've had a couple of repeat guests that of comeback and just you know have said like this what i've been up to this what i've been working on since the show and they're like they really love that revision path is giving this voice for black designers and developers and creators to really tell their story about what's going on because they may not get approached by any other design media to tell it they may just have to say it on twitter they may have to be their own cheerleader and in that way revision path kind of you know as a megaphone for the work that they're doing yeah i also like the term that you used before when you said monoculture because you're you're saying it's important to show people that there's lots of different folks out there doing amazing work and i i like that it it's not just hey look black developers designers there's a spectrum within any subgroup of people but it's interesting to see techies complain about things like browser monoculture you hear that a lot amongst designers like wow we shouldn't have just chrome so so we're upset about there being just one browser but we're not upset about there being just one kind of designer one flavor of developer that's interesting isn't it it is so i think that if we as techies no matter what color we are what our background is can agree that lots of different kinds of technology or no there's not just one language there's not just one browser there's not just one renderers there's not just one design that seems uncontroversial we should apply that to our lives as well and the more kind of mixed up our group is our friends are our designers are the better the web is going to be for everybody i agree i dig it so people can check you out at.

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