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Newsroom and then at ten o'clock check please and. Tonight at ten thirty program called. Making contact the stage is set, for a battle between two world views is housing a, human right or a commodity and we're on. That continuum is California's common. Ground making contact looks at. The fight over rent control and police policies that affect the homeless that's. Tonight at ten. Thirty making contact mostly cloudy some coastal fog tomorrow morning but then we'll. Have sunshine it'll be breezy day. Should get up. To ninety and Livermore eighty-five tomorrow in San Jose Eighty-five in concord excuse me eighty five, and Napa as well and, here in San Francisco it. Should reach sixty eight k. q. e. d. FM San Francisco k. q. FM north highlands Tonight on newsroom the weeks major developments. In politics including how California lawmakers are reacting to the Trump Putin. Summit, and the walking cleanup. Bill for last. Balls north bay wildfires is raising concerns. About greed. And lack of oversight plus how. Climate change is feeling this, intense and damaging California's environment Hello and welcome to newsroom I'm we do we begin with politics There's continuing confusion over what. Was said during, President Trump's to private, meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday in Helsinki after initially saying he. Did, not believe, Russia had interfered in American elections President Trump later told CBS news he had been. Firm with Mr Putin about, not putting up with such interference the shifting statements from the president you condemnation from top Democrats and some Republicans, then on Thursday the. White House said President Trump well, invites Putin for, a second, meeting in Washington DC this fall, meanwhile in California the state, Democratic Party, snubbed Senator Dianne Feinstein by endorsing her rival, Kevin daily own in this November's, general election the move comes as Feinstein prepares to take a leading role in the looming partisan battle over. Confirming supreme court nominee red Cavanaugh journey now to discuss all of. This our political reporter Marisa Lagos San Francisco Chronicle senior political writer. Job, fully and political consultant. Sean Walsh welcome..

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