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Service list could provide a roadmap for relaunching the planes which have been grounded for more than a year after a pair of deadly crashes. The NASDAQ index hit a new high on Monday, Fueled in part by Microsoft. With support from the Trump administration. The company is continuing talks over possibly acquiring the U. S operations of the video sharing at TIC Tac. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is expected to announce most likely next week. His running mate. Among the potential candidates is former Ambassador Susan Rice. You told NPR is morning edition. She can do the job. I've not run for office on my own behalf, but I've run for office on other people's behalf, where I did actually quite a bit of retail politics and speaking to groups of people. But I think unfortunately, in the current context with the pandemic, this will be quite an unusual campaign. She said. She's honored and humbled to be considered, and that she thinks are nearly 20 years in the executive branch. We'll help in dealing with the nation's pressing problems. Voters in Missouri are going to the polls today. Missouri is one of five states holding primaries in Missouri voters are being asked if they support expanding Medicaid health care coverage. Thousands more low income adults. The Republican led state legislature has repeatedly rejected Medicaid expansion over the years, which leads supporters to place the issue before the voters. Missouri's Medicaid program has an income threshold that's one of the lowest in the nation. This is NPR News. Live from news on Brian Watch for the first time since the Cove it 19. Pandemic hit in California A State board is posting information about infections in county jails in juvenile detention. But it's not a complete picture as we hear from videos. Julie Small How many people in county lock ups have been tested? How many infected How many died? We still don't know. But most counties air starting to report those numbers to the board of ST in Community Corrections. Linda Penner chairs the oversight agency. This is our first week a bit of a test drive right, but we're pretty confident in what we're getting. But Brian Goldstein, with the center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, says critical information is still missing. The data we do have. It shows limited testing in these facilities and at the same time outbreaks which are occurring some major counties. Such a San Francisco haven't yet reported recent cases, and the state is only planning to collect data going forward. I'm Julie. Small news. San Jose Police chief Eddie Garcia is stepping down. He announced yesterday he'll be retiring at the end of the year. Garcia's been with the department for nearly three decades. Chief for four years. Mayor Sam Accardo credits Garcia was strengthening the department after the number of officers plummeted due to austerity measures and pension cuts. In recent months, the department has been criticized for its response to racial justice protests. In sports. The A's clobbered the Mariners 11 toe one, They host the Rangers at six. The Rockies beat the Giants 7 to 6. They play again in Colorado at 5 40 hour time..

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