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And we'll get through it all the ghastly special teams blunder by Atlanta Campbell Ross, exchanging haymakers and highlights Josh and become a star. Her cousins of mess Brady bounces back, Herbert Flash in Big issues, and Philly will get AIDS robes for the Lakers. Bryson to Shambo forever Changing golf batik story is the bloodbath of injuries to some of the Biggest names in the sport. What? Ah, we'll never forget. Yesterday put it that way. Now. It felt like every other break as I was watching this on the red zone, Scott Hanson's hopping on and things breaking news from Denver drew lock is that with concussion that was the tameness of them don't want her to shoulder. I mean our shoulder with the shoulder. Somebody else went out with a concussion. You know, obviously the sake one issue was the biggest one for me As I was watching that Giants game and he tears his A C L around this kind of knew it. Right away. You can see the subjection of his Negro Fours like on and you hate that for him, But it wasn't just him. It was Bruce Irving just came down that Seattle Seahawks linebacker. He tore his A C L. The Baltimore Ravens had one of their cornerbacks, the highest paid nickel back then football. He tore his A C. Courtland Sutton. Courtland Sutton. He tears his A C l. Both Nick Bosa, not Nick. For the San Francisco 40 diners. He tears his a seal on the MetLife turf, which we'll get to in a little bit as Kyle Shanahan and others have been ripping it, and they got to come back there and play this week against the New York Giants. But, bt I gotta ask this question yesterday. A lot like how is this happening? And why is this happening? Why are so many of these players Getting hurt in a serious injuries and we're not even talking about I mean, there was a half of a handful of guys that tour kill ease in the pre flight before they even know stepped on the field. Yes, and everybody wants to point To the lack of preseason and into an extent, they're probably right there to get your body. We talked about it before Calista. You know what I mean? You you lifted weights all the time. You're grabbing heavy rocks your hand You get used to it. After a while. It doesn't hurt anymore. My hands are callused. You kind of got to get callous to play in the game. Of football on the professional level, because how violent it is, so that's one part of it. But I think the bigger issue Beatty is was the off season or the lack of all season Because, remember what happened back in March players all of a sudden, we're no longer allowed to basically leave their houses. Some of them had workout facilities in their gyms. Maybe they would go to a gym or whatever it may be, but they weren't working out with their strength and conditioning Coach is for their teams, right And these guys aren't just hired because They look good, and I don't know and coaching short since been in tank tops. You know what I mean? The's guys have specific programs that they're that they're using to develop the body's specifically for football. Now, these guys couldn't do this the entire off season. It was all virtual meetings, but nobody talked about what these guys were doing. I'm sure guys, we're staying in shape. But when you're staying in shape by yourself like in your gym to doing the beach workout, and one of the orders are going to run up and down ST sprints up and down the street. That's that's It's not the same program that these guys were used to doing. So all of a sudden. You get the training camp and they begged for this acclamation time, which they get. It simply wasn't enough. I think I think guys maybe got strong and fit. But not functionally strong and fit. And as a result, we're seeing the result of it come these first couple weeks of the NFL season. There's theories out there. I'll certainly take that. It's passable. It makes sense. But and by the way we left out the Caffrey who thank God you know, for Carolina, not his. Don't think it is. As a Barkley or Bosa. But you know, 4 to 6 Weeks got Jimmy G high ankle sprain. He got Davante Adams tweaked his hamstring. Believe Coker, safety for the Colts, his Achilles shredded he's done for the year. Colts defense is great. By the way, I told you that defense is gonna be awesome and that Cole's defense is awesome, but I don't even if you're right, and you probably are OK, but there's really nowhere to distribute. Blame outside of maybe the turf at Met life, which we will hear. But it's a pandemic. It's it's the strangest most, you know, obviously depressing. But, yeah, strangest, most disconcerting year any of us has had collectively In our lives, So it's not against the NFL's fault. Like I can't look at the NFL and say well, They should have done this to ensure that that didn't happen. Not agree that way. You can't see it that way because everybody's life was disrupted. The NFL is just seeing it in a for a lot of its stars, and I don't think blame is the conversation because you're going to spin around. You know, endlessly trying to assign blame, change anything, and exactly is not gonna change anything. What you need to look at is what does this mean going forward? All of a sudden, there's a lot of teams that have lost valuable pieces of what they needed. To win. Not that the Giants were gonna win. But if they were going to start developing that culture that we all want to see you be reinvigorated there. And Joe Judge you needs a Kwan Barkley, who's been your captain for two years, by the way he's on his third year, but he was a captain last year. Now he's out, and that hope and optimism that Daniel Jones and this offense of line would build around him is gone now. Interestingly, they played pretty well afterwards on almost won that game against the Chicago Bears actually had a shot. With, you know, seconds left in the game to win it. So there is there is still hope that they're not going to fall apart because they lose their their star player, and that's a testament to their coaching. But I think I agree with that. By the way, I don't think they'll fall apart like Yeah, I think they'll still fighting. I think they'll be competitive. I think you're right. But think about like, why you tune into games that you're not. If you're a Jets fan, you're going to need to watch the Jets as bad as they are. It doesn't matter, right? If you are a NFL fan and say Quan Barclay was your first picks that can pick up your fantasy draft or you use him and daily fantasy. Whatever it may be all of a sudden, there's a there's a tick that's gone away. Rides like Yeah, I can't watch him anymore, or Jimmy Garoppolo or whoever it may be the stars and they go down it. It doesn't hurt the nature of the game. But it hurts the the publicity of the game. And it's just it's I think there's a there's a There's a There's a psychological side that gets damaged when all of the stars a lot of the stars that we know aren't playing any more. You know, along that along those lines here. This is a real quick aside..

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