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Extraordinary moment, when that woman racist woman came up, and was talking to you, and you reached out to who said she's loved. She wanted to include her. You want to bring her into an understanding. Do, you think that you have changed your approach in that regard. I think that is the only way for it and I don't think that the naming racism is is good enough. We have to actually change the policies and the laws and so. While I don't take back calling out systemic racism. It can't just be calling. It has to be more than just calling. It has to be the systemic change and I want to really use my. That we have to bring people along. It's gotTa be through love, and and having the courage to to do what's necessary to make the changes, and I still believe that Mr. Blanchette said he thinks maybe you just had a bad moment that you lost it and he thinks that there's a way to move forward to patch this up to get past it. He doesn't want this to go on and on. What do you want to happen now? I agree that this is should never be about you know to. Peace should be about. HOW CAN WE FIGHT SYSTEMIC RACISM? And how can we bring in new policies and new laws to change it, so I feel like if anything can come out of this. It should be. Let's commit to making some changes some real changes let's say people's lives. Are you going to apologize? It's no longer about me if it was about just me I. I'm quick to apologize I believe in the principle of not having not letting egos get in the way, but it's gone beyond me, and people have looked at this as a moment where someone has finally stood up for them. People send me so many messages saying you know we face this in our lives. We face this for someone to just not back down makes us feel like matter. Racism sends a message that people don't matter, and in that could meet. People feel like they mattered, and I don't WanNa. Take that away from people, so it's become important for you not to say you're sorry about this. Young would be. It would be a Kintu thing. I'm sorry for fighting stomach races now, and I can't say that I'm sorry for fighting I don't apologize for wanting to. To Fourth Liberal government to do something I. Don't apologize for being upset that the House of Commons couldn't just acknowledge. You together. United couldn't acknowledge that there is the RCMP which is so. I can't apologize for that I'd be letting down to many people. Misusing, thank you. Thank you very much. Chug meet sing as the leader of the federal and EP. We reached him in Ottawa this afternoon. We requested an interview Bloc Quebecois. And did not hear back by airtime..

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