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We didn't get along tangents fun. Another question Cam Kelly besides hard work what personality traits do believe helped you become successful in. Mma. This is a question of course directed. Lauren known cares about our hard work. Institute stubbornness for sure. It's gotta be just stubbornness and your me like I hate being bad at stuff and of course anybody that starts a sport is going to be bad at it in so I just wanted to improve so much that I kept coming back day after day. It's still what keeps me going back day after day. Because every training session you make mistakes. And that really motivates me to go back and fix those mistakes just like we were just talking about the ultimate fighter. I WANNA go back and do better because I made mistakes the first time on the show and so I I kind of feel that way about every training session where it's like. I have a sparring session. And I'll know what I did wrong or all know bike why I might be having a hard time in a certain area and so to me. It's really important to get better in those areas and I love seeing improvement so but yes stubbornness I guess. Probably one of the most important traits. A fighter cap stubbornness above talent. That you have. I gave up on things really easily. So Miami career never took off from Joseph Boza in the U. Two comments. Will she take a short notice? Fight in the in this current climate in the AFC if the UC asked her to fight with no camp. So would you take a fight with no CAM In this current Utah you talked about a little bit the beginning your situation's a little different some the fives fat on while you're still able to train we corey San Haganah. He's basically said his his girlfriend was holding midst for him and she'd never held and his in her life. So it's been a little rob you've still he's like I'm cutting weight. Justin cates Josie Aldo can make the states and my only training partner is. My girlfriend has never trained to her life. Your situation is a little different so given that would you take a fight in the sea on short notice given the current climate? I don't now if I could make wait. I would seriously consider it but like I said I work really hard to make weight so short notice fights sometimes aren't even possible for me because I just simply make weight in a short amount of time. but If I could make wait like if I was like super in shape and just staying super close to weigh in offered me a short notice. Fight I might. It's hard to say I. I took a short notice fight once at Bantamweight. Against Caitlyn Kagan and I ended up losing that fight and then I didn't get another contract. It was last fight on my contract. So it Kinda put us our case to my mouth about taking short notice bites you know. Why do it if there's no if there's going to be a benefit but the other thing to think about is like where we're ranked? What is the you know? I'm not going to be fighting. Roxanne on short notice where the consequences of the fight could mean a bump up in the rankings. Or am I going to be fighting somebody? Who's opponent just fell out and maybe they're ranked a little bit lower. It just Kinda depends on what the story of the fight is going to be the biggest Factor in that is whether or not I wait so if you were like comfortably on a you know if you felt you were constantly make weight And you're gonNA find someone who is higher than you in the rankings. What would what's the lowest notice you would take like a week? Two weeks like what's considered like extreme. Well when I thought Bar Pontiac I was on. I was on weight but At the finale actually did not have a fight. Vate right yeah. They pulled me like I had a fight in as Priscilla Kashmira and She ended up not being able to get a visa in. So I beg MIC. Please let me go to the finale. I'll make weight and is it. I just know one of those girls is GonNa Midst. Just trust me on this. And so they they did pull me in that fight we just to make weight and then after weigh in they said okay. You'RE GONNA fight farm haunt Jak and that's probably the shortest notice. I've ever had which opponent I was. GonNa fight you know after weigh INS. Then I found out who is gonNA fight but Yeah I mean I feel like I'm in a good spot with a UFC right now. Coming off two wins. I like the contracts that I'm on quite a bit so I I would. I would really consider a fight on a week's notice your two weeks notice or three weeks notice as long as I could make waiting case. Forgotten Lauren. You did beat your namesake by split decision. I believe you to win so yeah I did. Yeah that was one of the best performances. I think I've ever had. It was a really really great experience. Namesake thank you for the question. Joseph Boza I'M GONNA explain it out to another cats question for those of you who just listening of cats from Zana fide longtime comment. If Ronda Rousey is not the goat why every possible breakthrough female prostitutes Referred to as the next Rasi has tag spilling the has tied the a side so First question is Ronda. Rousey the greatest female fighter of all time in your Lauren. She's one of them. It's right I really liked the interview. That George saint-pierre did recently where he said. The idea of the goat is like not. It's not real you know. There's always a bigger fish out there somewhere Even the people that are the best in the world right now are getting their asses kicked in their sparring rounds in the gym by somebody. You know. There's a lot of people out there that don't even fight that are amazing fighters. So it's really hard to say who the greatest of all time really is but Rhonda did something that nobody else could. Do you know what I mean. That's pretty important. I I hate to see people bash Rhonda online now because she was such an amazing force in women's MMA. She changed the game for all of us. I mean she was like shattering. Records shattering glass ceilings. She was doing things and going places that nobody envisioned a woman in MMA. Do and so. I think that's why prospects are often referred to as the next Ronda Rousey because they're seen as these great forces that could be You know shattering the next glass ceiling. Whatever that is but Rhonda was the first to do it in so I love a man Nunez. She's definitely the best in the world right now. She has been for a long time. I think she will be for a very long time. But Rhonda pave the way for all of us have Rhonda hadn't come along wouldn't even be a women's division in the UFC for any of us to fight in you know. Then she blew through the top ten. I mean people forget so quickly we're having discussions about how many men she could beat in the in the men's divisions you know we were talking about whether or not she could she could beat like Canes Alaska's I think or something like that like she was really forced to be reckoned with MMA and it was not just your skill set it was also a personality and the way she carried herself and I think it's really admirable. I'm Rhonda Fans be honest with you. Put start competing at one thirty five and you had a pretty special and I think you were doing really well in Invicta Did you ever find yourself in a deal with expectations not necessarily being called? I don't know if you've ever called the next Rhonda but again being you're in her division. Did you ever hear anything? Like Oh Lauren. Like how high would expectations for you as you kept winning and winning and winning before you came to the OC actually this. Kind of the opposite. I felt I felt like people like she said you know I I. I wasn't doing judo from the time I was here. Kid haven't been boxing. Since I was eat I wasn't even an athlete and When I can eat it in INVICTA I had only been training like three years when I won the invisible. I have literally been an athlete for three years. You know and House competing against these other women that have been training for many many years longer than me and So a Lotta Times I would get this like like I would get like from coaches and comments online and comments from teammates and they'd be like Oh my God like you're so raw but I was just really tough I was super stubborn was really scrappy and That that was Anna why I think I was able to be so successful for a while and then when I got the UFC It kind of caught up with me but yeah I. I kind of had the opportunity where I think. People's expectations of me were actually quite low. And it Kinda go because I was so raw in the sport in I had three for such a short amount of time. Non Casey you and I have had this go go casey. I was like Oh What were the What was the difference as a fighter when you fall Invicta at the time when you file an Invicta like what would what the jitters different with this. I know I know. Obviously the money's better now but just as a fighter in the competition level what what was what was different within big data. I think an Invicta I was just having fun it was like. Oh this is just refined like I don't to me. It wasn't like a career in an oddly enough when I started my career. I thought okay. I'm just going to do one fight just to see what it's like. I could tell my kids about it by. Grandkids are going to have a cool grandma that did make bite once and then. I did another and I did another and then I wanNA belt in Alaska and I was like well. Maybe I'll just keep fighting till I lose. You know like it was really just like a game. I was like this is just a fun little thing I'm doing in all the way through INVICTA. That's how I felt about it I was like just fight till I lose so I guess part of it was that I didn't take myself so seriously. I didn't really feel a lot of pressure. I was really really just having fun and enjoying the sport end Enjoying finding out how far I could go and once I got the UFC. I did feel a lot of pressure and I started thinking. Maybe I'm not good enough to be here like maybe this isn't Maybe I'm way out of my league. Maybe I'm in over my head and that was reinforced. Kinda around me..

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