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Which for a whole weekend it has to be two X. they were sure I you know I'm not really a candy yeah party need to put no wait I was bring mine in red Mary back me up close every does he bite you by the best with buying stuff and we never get trick or treat yes yes seconds Dave give apple Roger brought some candy and there's a ton in here in the newsroom because the more the and just seconds I'll give you the derivation of some of your favorite candy names it's a bit I've been working on a that are gonna be good how did you fit that into your busy weekend I don't know how this is incredible day for news at ten watch WGN Mike mature Joe Donnelly Dan roan and Chicago's most trusted meteorologist Tom skilling for TV news at ten watch Chicago's very own WGN three musketeers how is it there of how is it name three musketeers why was it called three musketeers third nineteen thirty two now was it because of the book when they first were introduced three musketeers consisted of three flavors service chocolate vanilla and strawberry strawberry three bars in a package I want to go back to that why would we give that feel cheated now seems like a good idea so I have to say they're fluffy nougat yes it was a band I was in their fluffy nougat is delightful only got that is so the name of your other alternate Twitter account you get Butterfinger US manner yeah but it'll be good finger the actual truthful definition and story behind butter fingers the legend the Curtis candy company of Chicago decided to run a contest to name the new candy bar somebody suggested Butterfinger a term used in the form of butter fingered sincerely seventeenth century to describe somebody let's things fall from their hands and might point to this is that the entire text yeah we know that so why'd you call the candy bars voter figure is supposed to drop it when you eat it it's so you open another one get it I'm a butter fingers I like the new butter fingers the other part and I have to be a little better figures in here G. move is that.

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