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Get a hot and have confidence right well yeah if you missed too many you lose your job well the next guy how do you feel feared the head coaches the kicking coach and you're missing funeral he he was one for one against breeding techniques we've talked about extra points one for one from vehicles eike missed the first woman got the the mulligan i think that's the be okay as well well i dunno take it up with head coach took it up with the with the ball coach is this game again out of hand was a fifty six thirteen but still just like these games gift guys in the second half the sort of of the law it has things that complain about his is giving you a lot of things to to see defensively that alkassam problem so i can assure you read you can chime in on this give you'll be in a meeting room getting these guys right trying to get him lined up because there's still a lot of plays at east carolina is making a in the defence of backfield order finding holes in and just hit no soft spots will you just saw one right there at last play the guy was wide open there's another open receiver that's going to go for seven them and k i think he i think you're going to face two different base tomorrow in the film room offense go be declares go look a little different different than the defence of growth all right us good who for game live with stick around because of post game coverage is coming up so for read rashid bread year it's back kelly at the controls i am hoppy kercheval i wanna turn things over the fred person you're leaving early i believe that the end of three unlike paul warning in the old notredame you're like will greer we're getting a starter out of the game like like phil rizzuto got to get across the brooklyn bridge her before the king's over yankee stadium.

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