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Now the WGN forecast, here's meteorologist Tom skilling and Kim we've been relishing these temperatures they've been about Chevy four degrees warmer than they were just six days ago. But there's moderately colder air on the way precipitation will be ending tonight. But very active patterns sitting up in terms of precipitation. We see five precipitation bearing systems and with each we're kind of on a rain snow line tomorrow night ice could be the issue and a winter weather advisory. He's been issued for Tuesday night tonight drizzle early partial clearing and colder laid low down to twenty four Tuesday mix, Sean but clouding over temperatures back to more seasonal levels had thirty four Tuesday nine things become a wintry. Mix of sleet and freezing rain developing with ice accumulations threaten. Hazardous travel low down to twenty six and Wednesday, some rain or drizzle early then cloudy and damp and rain or a wintry. Mix will redevelop again later in the day and Wednesday night, high forty thirsty rain possibly a wintry. Mix north suburbs. Grandly ending Wendy and turning colder, high forty seven but folly during the afternoon and Friday sunshine, but quite cold and breezy, high just twenty two from the WGN weather center. I'm Tom skilling. Happy Monday, Kim. Thanks, tom. Not exactly what we wanted to hear. No. But at least it's been vibe that even listening to what he just said. I hear. Are you disappointed by that? Rain to get it back..

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