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Breakout night officially for the brand new ballatore featherweight champion the new millionaire. Aj mckee after. His first round submission win over patricia. Pit bull but we are here to put the matchmaker hats back on to discuss. The what's next the fallout of ufc. Vegas thirty three. I am i. Thank you for checking out the show and joining me as always is the co host. The cold matchmaker the principal my best friend and yours future grammy award winner. Mr alex kelly. Hello my best friend to kind to kind. What a treat. It was to be a combat sports fan. I just last night. I think in the last couple of weeks we've been spoiled. We've been spoiled with some great. Ufc cards agree belt or car. It became fc usual. Weirdness that you can find on on twitter acrobat. Underscore hitman twitter account. You anything something strange. It's a great time to be a fan and this was a. I'll realize that. This was one of those saturdays. Where i think as as someone who works in the field there was some dread as far as like how much there was to cover and of course overlooking issue of if card but the way the networked everything. I feel like went by so quickly. The pacing the card was amazing As opposed to build tour which was a little more. Try now but again. It's showtime they're doing. This blake more of a boxing style. Show which i understand but yet you'll see so quick entertaining belt or was great. Got the result. They a great time to be a fan great to be involved in industry. Yeah worked out perfect like the like yes. Make a great point because like the afc event when quick by the time. Sean strickland beat your hall. People got to tune into the coleman event of the ballot or car which is amazing on to the air soga and then agent mckee shining moment. So i mean like you said if you are combat sports fan you are spoiled to no end I think it's pretty obvious for. Ag mckee goes from there. I know we have the listeners who've weighed in on the ballot or card. So we'll discuss that a little bit later on but we're going to focus between you and i as we typically do on what happened inside the octagon last night and let us begin with sean strickland. Who is just a madman aka. This guy is not just a madman in the octagon. He's a madman in the gym. He's a madman sitting in his car. Cutting promos on social media. And he's even more of a madman at his post fight. Press conferences following main event victories. I mean the things this guy had to say just unbelievable but he is on a tear now one hundred eighty five pounds dominate hall for twenty five minutes on saturday. He just kept going. He kept pouring it on. The fifth round was actually his best round. According to the numbers he's won five in a row. He's four no since moving back up to one hundred eighty five pounds. Nineteen zero as a middleweight. And he's going to be a top ten fighter probably top seven or eight come tuesday once the new. Ufc rankings. come out. But it'll be interesting to see where he ends up in the most important rankings may may fighting global rankings. But where does mr struggling go from matchmaking perspective after another impressive performance this time in a headline spot yeah as you mentioned the goal rankings number. Thirteen a heading into saturday. Your house number ten. So he's definitely at least take his spot he's definitely jumping the top ten maybe higher. Maybe hired me. I was very conservative with higher rank. Them again to see how that shakes out Later this week. Twenty four and three overall commission in nineteen as a middle as impressive but the even his losses and got a at one seventy twenty four and three. And it's not like i mean you just watch him. He's such an entertaining fighter to this isn't a guy who's like grinding out winds on the regional seen like he's really really pushes the he plays. This tastes that. A lot of one eighty-five hundred just can't keep it so exciting. You said there was too obvious. Names one of them. I know for sure and i think i know the other one but i think but i think mike. I went in another direction from either of those names. I don't wanna see him get The winner of the jared cannon near calvin gasoline flight on august twenty first few weeks definitely gessler definitely gasoline beats kenan near make. Sense invite strickland. That's pretty Pretty obvious tenant it'd be a little bit shakey of kenya got the win. I'm sure there'd be some people campaigning for him to fight the to get a title shot. He has a very strong resume. One eighty five. But i think he's still be one win away and i'd like i'd love to see. Imagine with him a strictly and used to be a great fight so so i went a little conditional here. I don't think i went with the consensus. I know the listeners had a lot of other options but yeah for me either cana near gasoline. I think it'd be good. Good match. Strictly next sean. Strickland is really difficult to match make for because he trains like thirty nine different gyms. So he's any pairs up with like most names that we're going to mention here. I want to see him fight. Luke cold i know they probably trained together at rukh Sean trains all over the place. But lucas a name luke. Quanson interesting fights come back to schantz interesting fight for shore. He's a difficult fight. Luke wants difficult fights. He wants top ten guy. Sean will definitely be a top ten guy. Come tuesday and i think this one makes sense for both guys. That's kind of a caveat. Just because of what i said earlier if if it can happen if they're not like best friends like you and i are aka. This is the fight but if for some reason they are best friends and they made a pact to like never fight each other and they signed a piece of paper and blood or something. Bennett shack hermansson. I liked the Way more there's more sizzle than there is with the hermansson fight in terms of name recognition. Luke's obviously a former champion. I think luke rock hold is the best opportunity for him with what is actually available to him right now because i don't think he's canadair in gasoline is interesting. I like him. Gas omer buddies. It's very possible that they are. I think we've we ran into this before Of strickland's gonna wanna wait that long. I think strickland's going want to stay active and keep this train going and i think rock holds pretty much ready to go. Rock hold at this point is ready to take a short notice. Fight just to get in there and entangled one of these top ten guys so yeah. I'd like to see the rockefeller. If not her manson's fine rock hold would have been such a great call out That's the one thing. Strickland won't do oddly enough. He'll he'll say almost anything he won't call anybody out. He has no interest in that part of the plane that political part of Matchmaking in the afc. We're just find. I i i respect it to a certain degree but i think that would have been the perfect call to make After winning your first you've see main events he he's still recognizable name. You guys were.

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