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Alison Stewart. Congratulations to the bronzes Cardi B who made history last night at the Grammys becoming the first solo woman to ever win the best rap album award. Also, representing NYC was the host hell's kitchen's own Alicia Keys who played not one but two pianolas simultaneously. And Michelle Obama was there. We'll do a full Grammy round up later in the show, but I some real life drama coming up next the filmmakers behind the documentary. Get Roger stone will be in studio in a few moments. Plus Lorena Gallo joins us, you may know her as Lorena Bobbitt a new docu series looks at her story. And how society didn't acknowledge that it was a tale of abuse. Not just a salacious tabloid story analysis Stewart, and we will get all of it after the news. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. President Donald Trump is slated hold a rally tonight in El Paso, where he's expected to continue his refrain for more border wall funding. Monica. Ortiz sued EBay reports Trump's charging up his base four days before lawmakers must reach a deal on border security in order to avoid another partial government shutdown. Trump will speak at El Paso county, Coliseum not far from the US Mexico border. The president champion del Paso in his state of the union address saying it was safe thanks to a border wall. Well, the barrier did reduce crime in some urban areas. FBI statistics show overall crime declining more than a decade before its construction. Nonetheless, director of a local immigrant rights organization says Trump shouldn't expect a warm welcome our communities angry because of this anthrax Imigran aggressive. Racist. I gender a large coalition of El Paso wins. Plan a March encounter rally tonight just across the street from the Trump event for NPR news. I'm Monica in El Paso, teachers are on strike in Denver, Colorado, labor talks with school administrators have collapsed leading to the latest in a series of strikes stage by teachers over the past twelve months across the US. Colorado. Public radio's Jenny Brendan says several hundred people are picketing outside south high school in Denver were students have joined their teachers in the strike appear to be very supportive of teacher. Colorado has many years of full underfunded complicated reasons. I think that I talk to are supportive of the sometimes for a little confused about whether they. From the small for them. Or wondering if that's Sheni Brendan reporting of Virginia lawmakers backing down from plans to begin the impeachment process against Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax democratic delegate Patrick hope says he made the decision after consulting with colleagues then from member station of you CV has more from Richmond makers across the state have called for Fairfax to step down after two women accused him of sexual assault. But hopes that he backed down from his impeachment plans after consulting with his colleagues. He said he would consider other mechanisms to investigate the accusations allegations that Fairfax denies the Lieutenant governor says he has no plans to step down. That's been pave your reporting. Well, black religious and community leaders in Virginia are expected to address the public through a news conference at the Virginia average any state capitol this afternoon to appeal for a halt in the widespread calls for the resignation of the gov- Lieutenant governor and attorney general on Fairfax. They support an investigation be completed before. His political fate is determined on governor Ralph Northam in attorney general Marquette ring, the leaders say both are different men from when they wore black faces as young men at social gatherings in the nineteen eighties. This is NPR news. This is WNYC in New York. I'm Richard Hake. City council speaker Cory Johnson says he's considering disciplinary action for councilman Ruben Diaz senior who's refused to apologize for homophobic comments. He made last week DS. The council is controlled by the homosexual community prompting calls for him to lose his committee chairmanship or resign councilman Jimmy van Bremer says an apology is not enough. I don't just want to say, it's unfortunate. I just want to say, it's agree. I need to say what is really in my heart. And what needs to be said? Which is huge to resign Diaz. Double down on his statement over the weekend tweeting that he was giving the gay community quote credit for the power and influence. It has. At city hall over the weekend. Public housing advocates protested the mayor's proposal.

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