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Hares. This is our theme song for morose oh Yes A lot of. Bounce A lot of bounce Sara, on good Morning America like a. Big yellow pop tart she, had on the address My producers are walking across. The stage is like oh She's an attractive woman. But that, Omarosa like I said like a. Coffee, drink. To me there is a liqueur called amaretto oh that's that's what. Always reminds me of that because it's at. Least similar can I please have an Rosa stone, sour That is Yeah she's making. The news I guess she was on that show the apprentice with the with the down back in the day I'd ever watched. The apprentice so I. Don't know I think she was one of those people who are, like evil like fire I think she got fired a. Couple of, times from the from the Princess didn't she on those reality show there's always. The evil person. Who everyone just loves to hate I remember on survivor the first. Survivor there was some some woman who's like wanted she said, he was a rat she. Said if it. Came, down to a rat. Or he she was saved the rat that speed survived I'm morose is supposed to be one of those people hated her she. Almost wanders or she. Was about to one or something and then she lost there people, were happy Did. You got hired in the White House and she she got, fired there but now it's. Like it's weird When she was first hired in the White House I know the left were Scoffing and now that she's fired the left is celebrating and. They want to do interviews with their because of a secret recording this woman secretly secretly. Recorded herself getting fired as she also said? That she, has other tapes that, were recorded in the White House I don't know but I think that's illegal I think I'm Orosa Moretto stone sour she's going to jail Here's a recording of a I'm. Orosa and John Kelly I think this is what you've got fired report, reporting understand that if, we make, this a friendly departure we can all be you know you can look at look at your time here in the. White House is a year, of service to the nation That you, can go, on without any type of difficulty in the future relative to your reputation now I'm Marissa there's another controversy about that But I'm. A, Rosas said. You know she felt threatened Now. That was like a threat she had to protect herself that's why. She s why she wore a, wire if you will she, wore a, wire got fifteen Why put me in the. Situation room locked the door and tell me over and over again. As well I hear his guy That I couldn't leave that I couldn't consult an attorney I couldn't talk to my husband who was sitting. Outside the store yes And as you'll see an. Issue I protect it myself because this is a why where everybody lies the president. Who is to the American people Sarah Huckabee. Stands in front of the country in lies every single day you have your You'll look back and. Go see seventeen Stop stop I'm rose we're not talking about Sarah. Santos right now we're talking about you You can fire see they they already every moderator. Lost control. Of the conversation is woman with haven't with. Them because she just took. Over I'm Russa she said to John Kelly was threatening her that's what I don't know. Play the recording for me. One more time Ross of of our Rosa. And John. Kelly she's. Getting fired here important understand if we make this a friendly departure We can all be you know you can look at look at your time. Here in the White House. Is a year of service to the nation Then you can go on without any type of difficulty in the future relative to your reputation right right You know what that could have been a veiled threat but if we don't leave. Your, friends We are. Going to, damage your reputation if, we can't leave here as friends we're going to destroy you of course he didn't say that but I'm also could have been thinking that in. Her evil reality, TV show twisted mind, where she has to, win or destroy those who lose and of course even though John Kelly the chief of staff he is. In the, way to to a maroshek getting to, Trump the boss to be his chief assistant you know just, thinking about this. Reality, TV speak and that's why she's thinking that this was a threat. Terry obvious a threat he's he goes on to say that things can get, ugly for you the chief of staff of the United States under direction. Of the, United. States threatening me on damage to, my reputation and things getting ugly for, me downright. Criminal criminal if I didn't have these recordings no one in. America with believe me no one so I. Protected myself and I'm going to, tell you I'm so glad I did, here's I'm. Rosa People in, America may believe you but I can say pretty, much nobody cares nobody really. Cares I'm Rosa That you got, fired but she's she's saying that this is. The White House. Of chaos A kiosk and that Trump has no control here Cut seventeen that's the way these folks operate when he said that people answer to him and not the president that should. Be concerning. For. Every single American that here's. That no shouldn't actually he the chief of. Staff that's, the way it's supposed to be right I mean Trump can't run everything You've been told that when. You were. Fired. Who'd you got fired really. Oh this is a big organization I don't. Have control, of everything I'm LaRussa Yes you, do Trump the Trump that? I, knew did yeah but this. Is this is something a little. Bit different Now all of a sudden the press is excited especially this week in a ball. Beacons, because this was the anniversary of Charlottesville and we. Had. Spike Lee who came out with a new movie black Cran Right black Cran see did pretty well to it came at number to shock the shark movie mega mega mega Laurent who mega mega mega mega, ladonna, big shark dislike five times bigger than six times bigger than jaws that came in one first place with the crowd, dude Yes Jason, state. Jason. Save, yeah that was number. One Spike Lee came a number two but. They're still pushing the whole the whole race thing and so this is a perfect. Time for Rosa to drop the big race bomb when I had. An opportunity to meet up with three different sources they describe. This same exact statement after I close the book I had an opportunity to go out in Los Angeles and sit down with the, person who actually has a copy of the tape and I heard his voice, as clear as you and I are. Sitting heard heard publication. Of this book absolutely exists I know it exists and what I regret is that these people are probably, trying to. Leverage, it as this October I don't want to be part of that what you say what did he say Did he he, used the n. word She said that she heard the n. word I, have heard for two years that existed, and once I heard it for myself it. Was confirmed what I feared the most that Donald Trump is a con and has been masquerading as someone who is. Actually open to engaging with diverse, communities but when he talks that way, the way he did on this tape it confirmed. That he is. Truly a racist confirmed. It is confirmed Donald Trump allegedly used the. N. word? Withdrew makes him a racist.

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