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Yeah, it was E Can't even put my finger on what that is. It's just a distinctive voice. Kind of like what? The guy from Maroon five. What's this? Adam Levine? He's a yodeler. He's a yodeler, but To be fair. Maroon five songs are very, very different, really each other. Yeah, because they've got the ballads and they've got the knot ballads. Sure these guys had ballots. Really? Yeah, Like, like all their songs are like that They had all sorts of stuff like they had all the while they had all the love they had winning at all. Those are all the same alone with you from banging in that name. You have a guarantee of Robert just to play any of them. They all sound exactly Listen, I'm not knocking it. I love it. Yeah, I love that. They're so reliably consistent, kind of like Marine five. Ma'am, I have a question. I am sizably younger than the both of you. Really? You got to point that out? Don't know why you have to say that just for historical backing for the question. What? In the eighties where people still doing records? Would you play? This is a record or was it a cassette tape? Probably. It was probably said Yeah. Just starting to be a CD. Know aboutthe CDs. My cities were 89. Before that. Well, these are all the stuff came out 85 ta like 7 88. That's when all the sun came out. Voices of Babylon was like 89. Yeah, but that was before you was 1990. So you're looking at cities? Yeah, I think I have an outfield CD. If I'm not mistaken. I look at her. She's miss fans. Very, very early ones have been what he were You rich kids. Parents are rich or not have a CD player in my car. You know what I had in my car? I had a Toyota Celica was a 1918 1981 82. I didn't even have a radio ad, a boom box that sat in the passenger seat. That's what I had. Yeah. And then I had the windows yet A roll down with your hands. Yeah, Like when you make that motion to kids now they have no idea what you're doing to my car. Now Hit the role down hand hand roll down. Your windows are sizably cheaper. Really? Just that feature and no power windows. Yeah, There's like the power roll power locks, power locks power. You've got to pull up your lie. I have an automobile that gets me where I need to go. Probably good. It builds character. But, yeah, I remember. Like because I would have to really commit to a to a cassette because I couldn't change excited. Drive the car. It's not like I could play with it on the dash or anything. Because I didn't have a radio in the dash. I would have to stop the car and then change the cassette in the passenger seat on my boom box. I love them. The mom advice she gave me I'm 36 years old. It'll build character will build character. Well, you really need to get some of that rum. But it is funny if you do the rolling hand motion, Teo for car windows, people that have no idea. What are you doing? Are you churning butter? It's kind of like when you do like when you hang up the phone. You didn't hang up the phone. Yashin and people are like you just you know, that's that because when you get in arguments now you can't slam the phone down. You can't press off could be like And then you like, push the little button with your finger. It's not as gratifying. Wait. You guys don't have like a home phone anymore. No, I don't have a home phone anymore. We got rid of ours, buddy. Maybe phones of lady. We're all pushed, but now you can't slam it. Slam it. You just put it back on. It's Doc. We were watching Halloween the other night. The original one. And of course, they're talking on the phone, and it's the cord phone. And so we got in a conversation about Does anyone still have a Picking a cord phone in their house because I remember my grandparent's had the one we have to spend the DIA when I was road with wall. Yeah, those were the best and then you you take it and you go to the rooms. You want some privacy from like your sister of bothered bothered you, right? Especially you guts your older sister, and so you have to go in the next room. You take that court as far as it could go into another means you close the door and it would be like stuck in the door. You know the cord and you because Like two hours on the phone, and that's what you would do. And that phone was usually like an avocado green or, like a burnt orange. And then you'd be calling people be trying to call you and they get a busy signal. Yeah, Yeah, for real. This is used to call an operator Do you remember doing I never did that You didn't Okay, because when I lived I lived in open out when I had to call collect to my parents at home, and I said that when I drive home from college when I went to Tennessee would have self unto the time I would call on the way home to tell them where I was milestones. I would I would stop at the side of the road. Get on the pay phone and I will call collected. My dad would never accept the charges. System. Yeah, it was a system that we had a call from, like a certain milestone on the way like Salonica, Georgia or whatever I call from a pay phone and I would be like, maybe, like, collect call from Amy Jo. And he'd be like, okay. And he'd be like now. I'm not going to set this baby. Just know that I made it to that spot. I get back in the car and I keep driving. I don't even know what happens if you just dial zero right now. Does anything happen? Have no idea what used to be. You would connect with an operator. And it was amazing kids have it so easy these days for real. I am 4000 years old. You guys speed is next. I read a testimonial.

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