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Among the remains were a human skull. A- pelvis an arm and two side bones. Investigators believed that the scorch marks weren't from an attempt to burn the body. But we're actually the result of a brush fire in October of nineteen eighty two that had destroyed one hundred and twenty five homes in the area meaning. The body had been there for almost two years. Maybe more dental records confirmed the identity. It was Dorothy. Jane Scott Among the remains were a turquoise ring and a ladies. Watch dorothy mother. Vera confirmed that they belonged to her daughter. The watch had been broken and stopped working at exactly twelve thirty. Am On may twenty ninth nineteen eighty not long after dorothy vehicle sped out of the hospital. Parking lot leaving her co worker stranded and waiting. Dorothy is cause of death. Could not be determined two days after the news came out the Dorothy Jane. Scott's body had been found Vera and Jacob Scott got another phone call. Is Dorothy there Dorothy? His Father Jacob Scott passed away in nineteen ninety four. Her Mother Bureau Scott died in two thousand and two her son. Sean continues to search for answers. This has been murder minute for true crime anytime. Download the murder minute APP or follow us on Instagram at murder minute..

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