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This afternoon, President Trump again said he believes schools must be open for in person learning people are almost immune. If you look at the percentages, a tiny percent of 1% it's a tiny percent of 1% so way have to have our schools, but many larger districts are opting for either moat, learning or hybrid for the first few months. No charges of the former Ferguson, Missouri police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in 2014. Prosecuting attorney Wesley Bell explains why he took another look at the case because of the significance of this case to this community and because the family asked I believe it was necessary to conduct a re examination of the evidence in the case and come to our own conclusion as to whether Dan Wilson committed a crime under Missouri law when he shot Michael Brown, the death of Brown, who was black by the White police officer said of months of protests in Missouri and around the country. The grand jury declined to indict Wilson in 2014. The extra unemployment benefits in the last current virus stimulus package will expire as Republicans, Democrats failed to reach a deal a new round of relief. The Senate will try again next week. Senate is going to start debate. They had a procedural vote this afternoon to pry loose the House passed $3 trillion Corona virus bill from a now they're not actually going to consider that bill what they're going to do. Going to take that bill and start next week, Strip it down to its studs and put in interim provisions here to extend unemployment benefits on an interim basis. What this means is that the $600 that's going to expire because the Senate is gone. The Senate's going to leave here for the weekend that that's going but they're going to start this next week. They're trying to their Democrats to vote against the stocks is Chan per gram of Erica's listening.

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