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Welcome back my friends. The Fort Worth Police Department is getting her rank by some failed Chicago City Council candidate you got trounced in his election. David Earl Williams. The third is pinging, CBS, 11 and NBC five and Fox for And asking, Why is the forward Police Office Association on Parlor? Because they enjoy freedom. The bigger question is Why the hell David Earl Williams the third or you want Twitter? A platform that believes in suppressing free speech. That That's the bigger question. Why would anybody elect a politician who believed in the suppression of free speech? Why would anybody elected politician who doesn't understand the notion that popular speech needs no protection? Do you guys know one time It was unpopular in this country to say that whites and blacks and Latinos are all Equal, you know, was unpopular. But thank God we had men of good conscience. Not David Earl Williams, the third, that's for sure. Men and women of good countries said You know what? I may not agree with what you say. But I will fight to the death for your right to say it. Popular speech needs no protection. The people who run Twitter and Facebook are dedicated leftists. They have no concept of anything that I just said. They're not intelligent enough to grasp that concept because they're anti American. And they're working at the best of somebody else. Not the American people. Certainly not their customers on Twitter or Facebook, ounce of McKinney, we go, Greg. Welcome. Of course, I'll say does show what do you say? Hey, Chris. Long time with her. I got the issue, with Amazon having four hugs in taxes and apple having a hub in Austin. What can we do? About that to retaliate. I use that word, but what they are doing to free speech. Well, there's always there's always exercising your First Amendment right of protest. Make sure that Everybody shows up. Has knows that they're going to peacefully protest you carry. Just do what the other side does that? Why? I'm sorry. Don't don't don't do what Democrats do. Don't burn. Don't loot Don't destroy Don't kill. Don't maim. Do what Americans do because you know the leftists who were doing all that stuff. They're not really Americans. You show up you show up to these facilities with scientists say we oppose your anti free speech policies in that kind of thing. What can the state what can they date of Texas? Do I mean like when we were attacked them higher, Can we? I protest you know is OK, but to really Go after him to hurt him. I mean, I can't hold my prime Amazon's for you. Good for you. Everything I want. I want to see what you know, Tax a tech we can lead the way and say, you know, we don't accept this, so therefore you're gonna be paying a lot more taxes. Or, you know something like that. See, I great. Can I be honest with you? I had this debate with my kids over the weekend. And I Yeah, I gotta admit to you. That's where I wanted to go first. They're hurting us. I wanted to hurt them. You know, I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to charge uh, a free speech charge on Amazon every product that anybody orders tax it and then use that money to build a competitive for Amazon in Texas, right? I want to do. I wanted to increase the cost of an apple iPhone from $600 to $800 and use that tax to build a competitors for Apple. But I was reminded by my kid's dad, You're a conservative. You don't believe in taxing people. So I'm gonna talk about this..

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