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You so much for joining me today. On the podcast. I'd love i tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us a little bit about your family and then like activities. What do you. What do you love to do with with your family on the week to week basis. Well thank you so much for having me. we are a family who lives in oregon. It's my husband josh. I and our two boys judah and ezra as is ten and sorry judaize ten. What did i say know that happens for all about that. Judah is ten our oldest. And then as i will be eight in april so we are very much an oregon family. We love the outdoors You know just hiking and biking and getting some like water activities in during the summer as well like kayaking and standup paddle boarding and then obviously our lives have looked a little different this past year. during the pandemic we have been Mostly one hundred percent. Self quarantine as russia was born with Unexpected medical issues. That led us on a wild goose chase for a diagnosis for him and so he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia when he was four months. Old called Juvenile milo modest cynic leukemia and that led way to Another diagnosis which is kind of like the overall diagnosis for his medical issues. And that's called noonan syndrome support group. It's a part of a broader group of conditions. Call the race up these So that kind of changed the whole course of our lives. It's meant that has been sick. A lot of his life he's had a lot of surgeries Just a lot of obstacles that he has been through and that's just kind of shaped our whole family and and what we do it eventually led weights me starting to do yoga and becoming a yoga teacher and just becoming like an advocate. And that's kind of the role that i've taken on In my life as my purpose Being an advocate being yoga teacher speaking at disease events volunteering for the rest of these network Just kind of organization that drives research forward for his condition and other related conditions My husband is an engineer and works fulltime doing that and always my cheerleader when he's not doing that Yeah and we're just our our lives are kind of focused around My advocacy yoga. Teaching josh job. He's working from home right now so we have just been hunkered down here as a family just doing life and trying to do as joyfully incredibly as possible for the past almost year. Yeah yeah yeah great. So tell me a little bit about some of those early with like you said. A getting ezra's diagnosis was a wild goose..

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