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Saturday. Well speaking of her Speaking of getting emperor. She's continuing to prepare for her seasonal debut in the Houston Ladies Classic. A week from Sunday down at the Sam Houston and I haven't really seen who else might be interested. And then finally let's quickly quickly glance at the krantz the Marie krantz memorial hundred thousand and the phillies and mayors and one of our favorites. Bradley has got his home bred divine queen in here area. Steve Asmussen in the league long so the street sense mayor you got not a product. Price won the blushing in K.. D. and not a product price was campaigned by our friend will Schwartz and mainline sold her in the sale in November and and stonehaven picked her up and obviously they're going to breed her long-term she's a six year old. I don't know how many more if she's going to race all the way through. It was a six year old. Or if she's they'll cover and see what you know see what happens but not a product price capable in here. Brendon Walsh. Second Start for lots in Jahra. WHO's a serious five year old now? It's a good group here to Quebec for Joe Sharp Sharp. Stay for Larry Jones. It's a good group and Things that's right he's one. I'm so glad that you have on the race name for for Miss Marie Just a wonderful lady the On the track here in in the nineties and before Bryan Cranston running misbehaves. Just just a wonderful lady I'm glad the fairgrounds on her with a with a stakes race and her name is a really good job of memorialize and stakes for people and and You know you got the Nelson monarch coming up next week Nelson big big. He was the clerk of scale down here at Jockey for a while and they got the Shantelle Larry coming up. There were morial rates for her so take.

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