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Around the country. Incredible confluence of events, a critical care nurse in New York the first person the United States to get that Fizer vaccine I feel like healing is coming. I hope this marks the beginning to the end of the very Painful time in our history. The first doses have arrived in Georgia this afternoon. The first shipment of more than 5800 doses arrived in coastal Georgia. This is unbelievably exciting Georgia Coast of Health district director Dr Lawton Davis. We have special freezers, freezers that we developed just for this purpose. They're called ultra low temperature freezers, he says. They're going to follow the direction of the CDC on vaccinating health care workers. First, the state Health Department tells me they do expect additional shipments of the vaccine later this week to other places in Georgia. Including here in Metro Atlanta. Sabrina, Cuba, 95.5 double USB and this covert development late today. Georgia Bulldogs, the season is over The Vanderbilt game this weekend has been canceled. This game was supposed to be played a couple of weeks ago, and there was the fear that the Commodores would not be able to feel the team for the makeup date. That fear has come true. Two days after Vandy lost to Tennessee The SEC has already called off the game with the dogs because the Commodore's don't have enough players to be covert protocols. So this game is declared a no contest. Final regular season record for you. Jay is seven and two. There is no senior day either. Next up. Is you James Bowl assignment on Sunday, Possibly the Peach Bowl. J. Black 95.5 ws Closing Bell brought to you by the Financial Symphony on the WSB Market watch. The Dow closed down 185 points and 8 29,062 and the NASDAQ closed up 62 points. 4 12,040 WSB news time is 606. And.

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