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The behaviors pera psychological or we talk about pera psychology and this is something that this is beyond psychology paranormal is beyond normal in back in the times of the sage's to the alqaeda should the sorcerer's for paranormal was very real to there was even beyond normal it was the norm and there were things that the euro now are a product of movies vampires we're wolves you do which is that that did all kinds of strange ritual i mean all these things and as i said before i was reading i've been reading a number of these uh i guess you'd call grim wars under what you'd call them i started with the book of the vampires i've kind of like skipped through because all these links are on my on his web page that i could easily posed i think i will post on my facebook wanna get to my office tonight i will post things but look he describes in your in your in your really what they written the friars the sears the sage's the alchemists all talk about shave shifting personality upheavals what human beings due to cheat death is this is where we get into the vampirism this is where we get into bloodletting in blooddrinking ambrosia is what we had called it eternal its greek for immortality it's it's part of the greek would remarks saudi and where does it mortality come from but the nectar of the gods in what is the nectar of the gods according to the old sages blood human blood but blood of man consuming of fleischer this is why vampire covens and we're wolves existed but they weren't like the ones we see in hollywood because the practice of drinking blood then and even now there are a lot of people who want to give blood transfusions from young people's you've been a company called ambrose you really do this but they believe the practice of particular blood would awaken people to a secret of transcendence in time we would learn that there's no real death if we eight fleshing drink blood the sea it was a perversion okay zipper version of what we were taught by jesus christ take eat this is my blood drink take this is by fleshed drink my blood the wind the eucharist all of these things when you've vampire kodak's today i was reading parts of.

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