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Twelve hundred W. O. a a few miracles have to happen but I think we are in the land of miracles because I don't know of much else that's going to solve these problems John in Florida welcome I glance to listen to your show everyday as I'm coming home from work and this morning when you're doing your Nancy Pelosi imitation I was laughing so hard thank you I'm I'm a gay man I'm an independent about a third party most of my life started third party in the last election but I will now crawl over broken glass to vote for Donald Trump he so why have just destroyed their party right and it's not even that yours is not even that some people I think are going to vote for Donald Trump as much as it is a vote against what's happening exactly thank you very much John thank you so much for your welcome to get a good night's sleep let me go to a band in Florida hello band hi Glen hi glad you made there hello yes go ahead yeah I can I'm glad you have made for the torch reference because I am angry it is more like going because there's no such thing as we the people anymore there's a different server everybody knows it and I'm so sick of football the and a whole lot of a lot of him innocent it's not just it's it's it I feel the same way about the Republicans this is they there there is no Sir when they say oh he's been a lifelong public service serving shot up a serving doesn't make more than the person they're working for a surveying doesn't tell the master what to do all the time they're not public servants their pigs at the trough maybe it's just being godly from king a bomb all about that yeah yeah they have but I don't think the American people have Margaret in Michigan hello Margaret hello when we taught market a lesson on that and we lost Ron sorry mark go ahead run WrestleMania yes run are you there yeah yes I did not hold so don't jump the first time I am an independent but what's going on before then you everyone was one of the voting for the lesser of two evils okay and I think if he gets back in right now the best thing to happen to our country because what we have that's my feeling about it it's not going to be the best thing well the fact of the matter is the best that we we don't know all right so you know so you didn't vote for critical Donald Trump bigger motor than usual I'm like I don't have his tools I couldn't find any yeah right see what he's done think about it it's what better thing to we have well the option if the option is between this and socialism there's no question there's absolutely no question but I would choose us over socialism thank you Ron she added you know the the the the the thing that's missing here is the media that's that's that used to be up until Woodrow Wilson the media he used to believe that it was the voice of the people it was the one that protected the people the the the interests back home they no longer believe that they believe they are above the people and they know what's right and so they won't search for the truth the truth is here it is so transparent we're on the rooftops shouting the truth but no one seems to care at least those in power let me go to Peggy in Ohio hi Peggy Eichorn I I agree wholeheartedly with you and we have to remember where he plan we have to be diligent and I really feel I would love to see when the vote takes place for every conservative independent in this country to jog shop I'm sixty seven this is the first time I have felt good about my vote I waited for a man like this and I don't care what he tweets or anything else he is the man.

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