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Point guard of the los angeles lakers skip here's auto ease bought in one thousand three not about beer right it's about getting it right breast general manager justin no some what goes but what to do you draft the guy in the first round found give brief airbridge the mobutukabila check just gave up forty one points and nick falling on asia's aren't the los angeles lakers by slightly hammering rand paul do either with seven seven is empty calorie now what was the bronze triple double in the finals when they got nut empty in oh no games open no all cato disabled three is down to one oldest last year triple double wood they lost in five game of the by in calgary every twenty eight five gentleman sleep reynolds with sweden ballgame serie brad thanks for joining us no simmons showed why he's the favourite to win rookie of the year last night in the sixers win at chicago he finished with a career high thirty two points and added eleven assists earlier this week leach report lissette simmons as the most promising young star in the nba that's under 25 years old and has not been an allstar yet he was followed by nikolai yokich of the nuggets and donovan mitchell of the jazz sheen who will be at the top of your lists you'll get skip before the off the last game before the allstar thirty seventeen with 15 rebounds eleven of fourteen skipping out triple double at fourteen minutes the fastest in nba history long a big guy six ten that can shoot two three he consist the ball he could rebound the ball in your father he goes to the free throw line may eighty five percent so the shot.

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