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Call. the Bahamas continue to be pummeled by hurricane Dorian which is we can do a category three storm however it's not a week in the eyes of the people of the Bahamas around Freeport especially prime minister of the Bahamas Hubert Minnis says the islands are suffering from massive flooding the devastation. is unprecedented find extensive many homes. businesses and other buildings. I have been completely or partially destroyed at least five are dead many many are in hospitals and they're injured and the salvation army says now that they believe more than thirteen thousand homes have been leveled by hurricane Dorian the Bahamas of course is the place where Dorian has settled in it's just been there and it is barely moved over the last thirty six hours Patrick OP one is on the scene in Freeport Bahamas critic Joseph waited with all the residents along with her baby their apartment building now roofless and surrounded by murky floodwaters rising around them. it's the same with this White House. the water. it does only got to make it over there. something but they can get. those horrifying scenes were playing again and again across the Bahamas Patrick got men report Bahamas meteorologist Tom cedars as forecasters have slightly adjusted the storms expected track we've got a new track out here even though the warnings will remain in place and for good reason in the watches up to Georgia the Carolinas when we look at the track now the bulk of the kind of consensus.

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