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Later on the show. We're gonna talk about Kanye west going off on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, what he said after the show was over did not make the air. But he spoke about three minutes to the studio audience and talked about his support for Trump. But he was heckled backstage for wearing a mega cap was advised by the S and L croup not to wear the mega cap, which he did as he was hosting Saturday Night Live, and he also talked about the fact that ninety percent of the media is left wing really and talked about what the welfare state than going to the family. Sounds like you've been listening to the Larry elder show. We talk about that later on as well. Triple eight nine seven one S A G E. Can you explain to me how did this whole thing become racial? When did the happen? Honestly think this was a difficult day for Dr foreign she stood resolute in two things one that she was sexually assaulted and to that it was done by Brad Kavanagh. And what's interesting here that I think voters are going to take away from this as really questions about how Republicans watch a panel of eleven white male Republicans opted to have a white male Republicans shelled protect them it ask questions on Dr Ford instead of engaging female shield. But that's what they've said. And I think the point is facts do matter and the FBI investigation matters carries. Absolutely, right. That facts matter I wish that Donald Trump actually believed that you were innocent until proven guilty because he certainly is not evidence after black men and boys card race card. I saw so many things I saw a committee of white men. The angry, and I wanted to say to them, I take your anger, and I raise you millions of women and decent men in this country. Who are also angry and furious..

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