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Two week quarantine in the next 24 hours. Then they'll try to uncover how the virus first emerged in the city that was once the epicenter of the now global outbreak. Here's another look at the snow coming down in C back tonight. Pretty sizable flakes. Parts of kids up County and the Hood Canal could see a few and just sticking around sticking to the ground tonight and check out Portland, Portland saw bigger burst of snow, creating some message in slippery roads. California's taking the brunt of this system. Take a look at this satellite image. The heaviest snow is hitting the Sierra Nevada mountains. All right, so back to that sea back image, just like you forecast the hood Canal area, Kids up county and it's pretty impressive. Yeah, it's nice when a plan comes together and it obeys it goes according to plan. It is definitely the snow. We sighted the sound that West side they're close to the hood Canal. We're gonna talk all about why? That's the case tonight in just a moment, But this was the view over Silverdale. As captured by our chief Kobo news photographer Erik Jensen. He said there was enough snow at that point for a snowman or snowball. Rather, but not as no man. Not quite yet. We'll see how we do buy dog, but we do have a couple of issues out there. First of all, definitely on that wet tack West side of the kids, that peninsula we've got that sloppy snow coming down. We've seen some near the ocean beaches as well. What's pushing it over there. The howling Cascadia wins ripping through the foothills right now, and as things start to settle down, the winds die down overnight. We might have a few slippery spots here right closer to high five too. So a very complicated weather picture tonight. Remember on the radar imagery that blue matches up with snowfall and we've seen a lot of that today. No, the coastline, including near Grays harbor and back toward hope, whim. Warmer air, just starting to eat away at things. They're right near the immediate Pacific, but still a little bit of wet snow falling between Forks and Lake Crescent. The real spot dealing with some slippery conditions by now is certainly that west side of the kids have peninsula and then the eastern slopes of the Olympics. You can see all of that a snow coming down at this point from Brennan and Quill scene. All the way down toward to Julia and into Shelton tonight as well, and it's making some progress. We're seeing some of that snow working its way to the East here now, some wet snow coming down as well through Bainbridge Island. So we talked again about the winter weather advisory in place there for the kids happen, Insula, But you see, it's there in place for the southwest interior to the will of fails as well. And then all the way back over the Cascades. We're seeing a couple of inches of snow as we head into the overnight tonight too. In terms of the current temperatures thirties for most of us here, including over Bremerton, where it's just 34 degrees right now, But again, we're staying closer to the forties and downtown Seattle. So the view right now over downtown, it's just pretty quiet. We're seeing a little bit of occasional drizzle on a little bit of wet snow in the mix. It's 43 right now and again. It's the easterly winds which have been howling here through the Cascade foothills. To the tune of 30 to 45 MPH right now, picking up to nearly 30 out of Issaquah North Bend, gusting to 22. So against those easterly winds, pushing that snow toward the west side of the kids happen insula and creating that little snow engine there on that side of Puget Sound. Future cash shows when actually we mentioned that being an issue here overnight and into our Wednesday morning tomorrow, you can see some of that snow in play as we head into the next several hours there and again back toward Womack and into the Okanogan Plateau. We're going to see some of that snow piling up overnight to the tune of 3 to 6 inches as well. So keeps on coming there, whereas on this side of the Cascades is going to start drying out. Excuse me as we head into the overnight again Chili and enough of that wet snow on the kids outside that we could see some icy roadways there in the morning as we head into tomorrow afternoon temperatures back into the mid forties here around the sound so That's not the kind of cold air that's going to support the snow here in the lower terrain for very long, same for the ocean beaches. We're starting to see that warmer air taking over right now, where is in eastern Washington Temps back into the thirties there around Lakesha lan and when, actually Valley and so you're gonna have a few inches of snow there on the ground as we head into tomorrow morning. As a result, we've got this weather warning places we head into Wednesday morning, and that's because of that wet snow on the west side of the kids up Peninsula 1 to 3 inches of snow expected there the rest of us probably missing out for the most part this time around. Week away from ground hog day, Seahawks finally had decided a new offensive coordinator, and he's coming over from the division rival in Scott Service. With his thoughts on the Mariners getting ready to begin spring training, independent exports is next. Children's National Hospital in Washington, D. C Improves Children's health by developing better treatments and technologies as one of the top Children's hospitals in the nation. 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