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Could assume the role of lenient king he had to clean house though he spared most of cromwell's supporters including his son richard charles the second executed some fifty people on the grounds of regicide he also demanded something a little extra the bodies of oliver cromwell and his compatriots here's where it gets interesting during charles the second attempt to clean house he ordered all those involved in his father's demise be brought forth for a posthumous execution in january of sixteen sixty one oliver cromwell's grave was raided by royalists searching for his corpse by this point he had been buried for about three years cromwell had been buried within westminster abbey near the henry the seventh lady chapel his corpse had purportedly been hidden within a wall of the middle aisle of the church and fortunately it was found an extreme d along with the bodies of john bradshaw and henry art in cromwell's body was taken to the red lion in in hogan on january twenty eighth sixteen sixty one two days later on january thirtieth sixteen sixty one cromwell and his dead compatriots were dragged through the streets in an unwieldy sledge cart with open coffins displaying their grotesque decomposing bodies this was an especially momentous occasion for the royalists as it marked the anniversary of charles the first death people through food and garbage at the corpses along with obscenities the three bodies were then taken to the gallows of london where they were hung for all the public to see their bodies were left for hours to rot in the sun until around four o'clock in the afternoon after which they were cut down the desecration was far from over all three bodies.

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