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I was making forty two cents an hour. That's. That's amazing. We're trying to meet girls learning about life and bonding over our shared tastes in music. Skip was a kind of mentor of mine and skip had the guitar. I knew some of the songs, and suddenly we were having some very interesting singing bouts out there on the sand. Remember, those they skip. I remember him. Well, I do how you doing. I'm doing. I alive. Yeah. I've I've got a I'm about a a plus. Okay. I've never said that in my life. Very good. But I just have very surprising. What other people think they know about you? And all of a sudden, you find out that people knew about your work in Japan or Russia, or whatever. Which you never would think about I would never think about that. She's a whiz and yet painted bus yet of all the things for them to to put so much energy in thinking about it happens to be a bus that was painted, which is amazing to me. I once got a royalty. Check from a song. I put on an album back. Many many many many years ago. And it was a royalty from an asset. Check for airplay in the Balkan countries. It was like seventy five dollars. That's my story of of being known in the Balkan country says a songwriter. Well, that's better than four cents forty two cents an hour. I went out and bought a pair of cowboy boots. So. The seventy five dollars for each boot. Or what it was this is a good while ago. This is probably in the early seventies. So seventy five dollars. Pay for pair boots days. You know, I used to have a Kombi VW Kombi. Really? I did. It was an all stripped down on when we had the leather shop in Gatlinburg we used to use it for that for the business. But after I went back out on my own that was all I had took the Kombi with me. So there is a great little car. I had an eight track track. Yeah. You were rich Jesus. Because just being able to listen to other different songs while you're not depending upon what you're forced to listen to the radio. Only AM. That's right. On the road for many years. And all we had was a dial radio for AM, AM radio going across Pennsylvania turnpike all night. Not much. You are a songwriter. A philosopher? Yeah. Yes. Yes. You who loves living in the south and at home with nature nature's huge for you. Isn't the I never thought about it when I was younger. But when I when I first went to the great smoky mountains, I discovered is like I was I was shot. I could feel you know. It was it was really nice. In fact, that song my Tennessee of lift a lot of different places and been gone from actual home for sixteen years now, I guess almost sixty I never really felt I don't feel at home anywhere. I don't know what that feeling is anymore, except if somebody asked me where I was from. I'd always tell him, Tennessee. Really like each Tennessee law east, Tennessee. Yeah, it's really close to the bone there. I like that. Is there any different from the east and the west, Tennessee? If you look at it on a map, it it's about four hundred miles wide, maybe more five hundred fifty miles wide and the farther west, you go the more the land changes in the more, the cultural influences change, and you get out to Memphis in its own Mississippi. Then you go all the way to east, Tennessee. And it's like, you know, mountains and Irish Irishman and all that sort of thing. And in the middle part is this country music's. But do you still play music live? I really don't. I just got to. Playing guitar thing was a friend of mine here in Tuscaloosa, and we used to play a bit maybe for a year year and a half. The one that just got up on stage. And I thought. I'm too old for this. I don't have a lot of fun with it anymore. So hung it up all these projects and. I like to write electoral personal like to arrange it play it and sing it and do all this sort of thing. And then just go on to the next therapy for. Well, it's like my it's like doing a painting. Yes. Working on that piece of work your focus on that. And thank you never think about who's going to like it or not who gives a damn about that you just got into it. You know? That's that's a long way down the road. The great thing is you you. What I do. I'm able to focus on each aspect of it. And it really takes me away. And that's what I really liked us wanna get hooked on just kind of going into the room. We're all there is what I'm doing. And there's no other world around there. So what about hey, what about your daughter? She's still performing or Taylor. Yes. She does she lives in east, Tennessee, still and in pigeon. Forge and we went to Ireland and Scotland together last year with my wife and my two kids. Wow. And just had a great time eastern coast east or west coast of Ireland well kind both want to Scotland I my two youngest hiked the west Highland way. It's one hundred mile or and they took about five days to do that. And we met him there. And then back down to Glasgow and flew over to Dublin we were all over the place. I went to see where my relatives. Or the ancestors are from we were in Galway for a day and. And we're in the southwest part down toward where Luke Skywalker is on that island. What's it called? This little pinpoints off the Irish coast or they shot that part of Star Wars down there for three or four days down near Killarney. And are are surprised to like Scotland as much why why do you like Scotland, I don't know? Maybe had a previous life there. Well, the Scots Irish Scots Irishman wizard Julius Scott from air shirt. Maybe a little of that in there. He was my great great great grandfather came over one hundred sixty eight years ago. And he was from the northern part of what is now Ireland, but only about ten miles from the border with Northern Ireland and family name was Cunningham and that Scottish so love Scotland who is absolutely beautiful just a wonderful place where you live. Everyone to go. It's just great. But you like mountains a lot. I do. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, wait. Do you have any physical issues related to play music, all your life? I don't know. Whether you remember back when we were playing back there in the stone age. I had a big old twelve string guitar. Yeah. And it was it was a handmade guitar by men named whole Sophal who made violins in Baltimore. And I bought Klay auto album over the time that I was playing a lot for ten years. I played nothing but a twelve string guitar. And Charleston pulls rutta Hanford town of attention in what it does. And all that Cording and everything's my left candidates candidates. Giving me some. When you came on. It was particularly aggravated in my left hand, and I call it the curse of the twelve string. Yeah. You know? You're you slow up physically. That's one thing. I'm aware of making music is that I have to really work on my skills because of the. Enhances it it's not. It's not serious is a thing that you have to. Yeah. It's all guitar related. I don't hurt much any place in my body with my hands are just as hard to play the banjo because you were playing the banjo and never played it after Astor. After a while when I got into the blue dogs seller in Australia. We're killing underplayed banjo anymore. I guess. Yeah. I know I know how plug on and things. Never never stuck with that. Well, I have had a little bit of problems with my hands as well. And it's really showed up in the last when I had to recreate this bus. Yeah. Because we hear under a deadline and deadlines deadline that we could not change, and it had to have, you know, had to come off in such a way that I had to actually literally teach the other five artists they had to go to school. I had a school with them in which there is about one hundred and fifty books. They had to read and learn studied languages, dealing with sanskrit, and Hebrew, and Lantis, and etc. So for the first couple of weeks the first couple of weeks they were like back in school. And it's it's really hard for many artists. Don't unfortunately read at all, which is too bad. It really is. Because all the biographies. They could read other artists when you start reading those biographies of of Picasso or whoever then you really get in to see the kind of things they had to do to keep their life going that kind of thing. So it's about, you know, some people are like, you know, we have this kind of creative streak in. I don't really get into much of anything else. Then when we do we don't really do it all that. Well, because we're trying to get back to paint or play music or rider do. Well, how how is aging affected your creativity? Actually, I'm kind of surprised relaxed into it as much as I have old enough to trust myself pretty much. Like you were saying, I don't I'm not interested in writing hits. I'm really kind of focused on how words can communicate universal feeling. My universal feeling to universal feeling as a result of some experience with one hundred shared, and I feel more creative than I ever was. A more relaxed writing. Words rookie stuffing got into haiku. And when I when we were in Ireland the car lot. Work on work on haiku poetry. I'd I'd like to get that. I'm working on a website should be up in a month or two, and I might put some of this high coups in the music and all that. Do you wanna give us one haiku? Oh. Tell you. What about ready to come upon a break? Okay. I'll leave behind you can dig.

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