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Person and hurt. Another happened on anxious and way at a House party. Both victims were juvenile males. Police are working to identify suspects and the circumstances of the shooting. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has issued a warning that the water in Cherry Creek State Park is showing natural algae blooms, which could be harmful to people and dogs. Officials say the blooms are growing in a combination of warming temperatures, stagnant waters and nutrient loading from fertilized lawns. The fast growing algae can lead to harmful blooms of bacteria and officials recommend showering immediately after coming into contact with the toxins the city of Lakewood's closing Big Soda Lake and Bear Creek Reservoir at Bear Creek Lake Park. Lakewood says large numbers of visitors precluded from meeting distancing standards set by Jefferson County Public health and that it will investigate ways to be in compliance with the health department's orders. Some major league baseball teams. They're talking about piping in crowd noise when they play games in empty stadiums, Rocky's manager, but black seems open to the idea and unsure at the same time, Let's go for it. I don't know. I've never seen it happen. I'm anxious to maybe see what it's like. Reports say Some players favor the idea while others don't the Rockies begin the shortened season a week from Friday at Texas. Hot streak continues as Denver approaches two straight weeks with highs in the nineties upper nineties expected today, We'll do it all over again Monday highs closer to the triple digits with an isolated thunderstorm chance in the afternoon, and he storms that form over the next 48 hours will be capable of producing strong wind and some hail Fox 30 one's Christine Rapp, forecast highs Tuesday and Wednesday are currently upper eighties. Next updated, 12 30 David Ko Ko, a news radio 8:50 a.m. and 90 for one FM. Oh, that earlier crashed and found 25 approaching I 70 has been cleared, although we still have some slowing. Approaching 70 Is traffic returns to normal. A crash on the west side of town at Colfax and always just.

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