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A sixty four year old man knocked unconscious after a fight real to swap meet has died this happened friday at the riyanto discount mall witnesses tell us that don king got into an argument with another man and that's when the other man's son stepped in and punched king and then left the location witnesses at the mall were stunt and the next thing you know it happened in one second and we're always are in shock being out because switch your like switch when second police later tracked down this man twentyfouryearold gregorio perez and arrested him for felony assault tonight a pastor is in jail accused of running a puppy mill at his high desert home officers seizing dozens of animals living in filthy conditions and right now our tony shin is talking to a woman who bought a puppy from him about a month ago we bought a mini golden doodle jennifer doesn't want us to show her face but she does want others to hear her story she says they named the puppy ginger and claims within days ginger started getting sick so they took her to the vet did a parvo tests making back pasta sadly ginger died jennifer says she bought the puppy from rick kenny and his family anything to say to the victims this morning sheriff's deputies arrested kenny a convicted felon for allegedly possessing firearms it happened as officers with the humane society of san bernardino valley conducted a search warrant at kenny's feeling home accusing him of selling sick puppies for a high price the last that we know of was about eleven to twelve hundred dollars apiece according to officers kennywood offer the dogs for sale on the internet the victims would then meet him or one of his family members at a parking lot to buy the animals but days later the puppies would get sick and often die i'm are you going to read them but when the victims tried to get a refund officers say kenny who claims to be a pastor on facebook would stop communicating or send threatening messages investigators say it's been a tough case to put together because the kennedys would often use fake names and disposable phones during today's raid officers seized more than thirty dogs and puppies with no food no water fell five as vets continued testing the animals for any illnesses jennifer says she is hoping no one else becomes.

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