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Had a twin brother and it was Chris. Tucker and This is literally the base concepts for everyone, and then like we were like well, we love Lone Wolf and cub, so we need child. We need a cup. and. That's literally just like these these very random ideas, and then being like. Let's let's do it though like for real. And then the was pitching to comics allergy. We'd had some of the ideas in various forums that we pitched elsewhere, and it just wasn't right for various places. We actually met the when we started. Actually forming a full idea had met Jamie, Jones. Jones at a convention and they hit it off at had shown him some of our ideas, and he you can actually see them in the back of the trade, his original sketches for a couple of the main characters, but it didn't just find purchase anywhere for a while, and then V was like. Yo I'm going to pitch to comics -nology I've got A. A couple of ideas, but should I just throw quarter killer in and I was like yeah, and then we were at New York Comic Con I. Remember this because visas like your got this meeting with chip. Come with me, so we're like shoveling food because I don't think we all day because we are terrible at taking care of ourselves at conventions, where like? Like shoveling food, we're walking and I'm just going because like one of the three ideas involves me. That's fine, probably not going to do that. And but like we're thinking like cool. This is how we're going to defend the idea. If there's any questions and then ship debt, ask just goes fee. which was the one you most want to do and vs like? Order killer, and he's like all right. Let's do it, and then suddenly after all of these those for this book for years. He was just like. Do the one that you are most into, and then suddenly like it was rolling and like we got you know Jamie on board, and we knew Ryan, but Jamie was like I'm GonNa. Call her my own stuff, but like I wanNA work with Ryan so we're like cool. Let's see if Ryan's free at it just. Came together and we were like. We want this to feel like cyberpunk mixed tape. Like every issue at the beginning of a script one of us, because that, when we were still mostly going back, and forth like I took one issue be took another, and then the other would do the edits on that issue. We go cool. This entire issue is inspired by this old school video game. The casino issue was that I was like it's just inspired by Sonics pinball that was that was our concept going into that when we did the video game console one that one was straight up me doing the TNT side sc roller, and it was very much US having fun with. With that, and what's really cool is that Jamie is a trained stage combat person so what we would do and kamikaze, because it's digital, and because the way that work we had a lot more freedom with the number of pages in every issue, then you normally would so we? Would you know loosely script combat? But literally we would just go Jamie. Do what you want. Literally Chuck this all out and in lettering Bobak and Jamie would be like hey, are you okay with me? Adding two pages to this combat scene and we're like literally the only person who suffers you so yeah. Like we're not to say no, we don't have to do any additional work and you're just gonNA. Make it cooler, so you know there was a lot of that, and then like I think we tried a slightly more traditional lettering style at the beginning, and then we were talking to Ryan and we were all like what if we made it more like graffiti, what? What if we made it more hip hop flow and then immediately? Ryan just turns over a completely different lettering pass and it's perfect. There was no in between between more classical lettering and what Ryan ended up doing. He was just like okay. I understand and just made this this beautiful work. Well, the whole thing just drips with Lake, enthusiasm and fun and like nerd. Nerdy and it's so fun to read. It has such momentum, and it's only been out for a couple months. Right, so yeah, it feels like wow, what an incredible gift like to have! I want to I was going to bring up as the lettering. So glad you told us about that because it's so distinct, the art is really distinct. The story is super distinct, and you have all these ECLECTIC elements, and it's like wow. I didn't know like a hip hop video game community. Resistance, Loan Wolf and cub. You know so on his fourth could come together so perfectly. My goodness it is incredible, and it's really one of those books that comping hard right like we settled on like a cyberpunk, robin, hood, with like hip, hop and video games, but that's because we were literally sitting there like in really joyful way where we're like everyone on the team is like I don't know if I've ever worked on a project. That looks like this. That feels like this. You know like in a really fun way. There's at least a couple of times when we redo those like fun day of release like many soundtracks where a couple of US would pick the. The same song, having not talked to each other, and we'd have to go back and Redo whether it was like this immediate gelling in this really cool way where I'm proud to say I don't know you know you. You hit the nail on the head. It shouldn't work and it does because we were just like. We love this and we're going to do it. And then there's also going to be a story about technology and corporations, but it's not going to be anti technology. You know like it's it's GonNa, be telling a story about a video game console that gets people addicted to it while also having protagonist that live and love in an arcade you know like. It's a bunch of weird mess mass things that I think work because they're mishmash a real thing. That kind of helped me whenever I was sitting like. Can we do this? Is this allowed is? Going to some of my books, recently my favorite books and then just word for word describing the basic plot because they're all batch it right like if you like sci fi fan us especially recent contemporary stuff that people are doing you just say what the summary is, and you're like the fuck. Did you say to me like? That's a thing and it works, and I'm like. Yeah, it absolutely does, and it's ridiculous like that sort of stuff. People are doing that and it works because they love it and the story. Itself is the argument that it does work exactly, and it's Super Fun and I mean Jamie Davis High tops hair, which even if the rest of the book was awful I have high tops. Forever that canonical the lights turn on and off so and I love how much top loves high tops hair, and just like I hate pretending that. I don't have this that US hair. I think the thing that comes through so clear as everyone's so damn, enthusiastic everyone who's creating it everyone who's in the story like? Has a heart of gold and the villains don't, but they shouldn't. It's just like so good. The first quarter killer is shown in a single panel I was just like I. Love Them. They're my hero. I want to be like them. Just so beautiful. There style Oh my God I love their clothes, but it gets all. That outfit is all Jamie love it. We had concept ideas, but then Jamie. Shot us back a page where he has a house Robe no-shirt on that. He designed that for Hugh K and I was like they look perfect..

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