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Hi this is Marty Brennaman and this is Tom Brennaman nothing's more important to me than family that's why I always make sure that they're safe when riding in a car you're absolutely right Tom if you're a parent please make sure your children are always buckle up just ask my kids the first thing we do when getting in the car is buckle up that's a music to my ears buckle up your kids if you don't what's holding them back a service of the Ohio department of public safety I you know Amanda I talked about this the other day and she's very astute when it comes to the game and she said well it tried to play the devil's advocate she said well wait a minute you're not going to call a player up to your office you're not going to go down to the clubhouse in front of god in the world your teammates and talk about something like this but now that you have social media you can text him I said I don't care if you do it with smoke signals as soon as one other player on the club finds out that you are talking about guys in this clubhouse and their possible livelihood you are in deep trouble you'd catch a situation as they say absolutely right yeah there was a general manager and I forget his name I can name one the guy in leather pants yes I'm not going to name the players don't name the plan not name of the player Adam yeah we have them come up on a regular basis to talk about guys in that clubhouse there was one player who went one time and I will name him I know I I would watch that you what I will put that was one player who went one time and then when he was called up another time he said I'm not going I'm done with this but I think we could figure out the player that said you know what I'm not doing this right pretty good guy one of the best the other two guys clubhouse lawyers for transsexual your mobile food vending napa auto parts stores all the fathers out there it's time to give yourself something you want this father's day like the craftsman heaven forbid.

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