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No I really don't I don't base my work on other Artists at all like that. Maybe that would be if I were focused on it and I wanted to try to improve upon my drawing skills but it's really just a hobby so I just do sort of what comes to me. So have you. Have you always just been an artist? Just wanted to create stuff I never really thought I was good at art had this art teacher in sixth grade and he was really funny and everybody likes him and I liked I liked him more than all my other teachers but I wasn't sure that he likes me back like I wasn't his favorite. I was just kind of quiet and when I was a kid I actually had a brother that died and I drew this portrait of my brother after he died. And it was a moment that the archer started coming around and giving me individualized attention and really working with me to develop my skill and he ended up choosing that portrait to go on display at a museum in China. So it's fantastic. Yeah didn't swear you'd want to draw more it. Yeah it made me feel like I had something so so. It's always sort of been sort of a special hobby you know like it's always felt very precious. It's intriguing sometimes. It just takes one person to just go to see that spark inside of us into adds some sticks on the plane. Yeah yeah that's the way to put it kind of other interests you have I don't really do outside of work and try to develop this channel. I mean a recent video. I posted as I a fitness challenge. I'm trying to to everything I do. Is just an investment in both in raising my self esteem. So I'm trying to just do things that make me more. Functional human has an an innocent fortunate because it sounds a bit selfish. Like I'd love to be able to be more devoted to my family or my friends. 'cause I mean I have a lot of love to give and and such but I know that right now I just have to focus on my self esteem. So it's what I'm doing and I'm hoping to create a more functional system so I suppose there in a sense would be one of the ideal things that you'd like to have is to a point where you're you're just come to wherever you're at you have a great self esteem and you don't have anxiety that possibly via an ideal type of situation and I don't think my anxiety is ever going anywhere. It's something I've had since I was a kid. I remember walking around the halls in school and like I was so stressed out all the time. That like I would have to consciously home-ice shoulders down because I wouldn't even know how tight I felt like just any time like I. I came back to to like getting out of every time I got out of my head I would realize I was so like hunched over and so But my anxieties not going anywhere but I just WanNa do what I'm doing in my art but in real life so create a world where I Comfortable safe happy and and have that be my life so tell me more. You mentioned something earlier about the secretary's school. What was called Secretary Scorpio? You had a special word for it. that well thirty signs that are between. Lake that are on. So if you're at the end of Scorpio in the beginning of Sagittarius. You're on the cusp. Each cusp has a different name. So the cusp of the revolution That's the one that I share and it I'd honestly I couldn't really give you a ton of information on it. It just everything I read feels completely accurate. View like wouldn't have you read so far that you feel that you see with elegantly have to pull it up to okay. I'll say this. I really do that because I think ever. Since I was a little kid I've I've constantly trained to choose the path that is not. I guess opposites you know go swimming upstream against constant chosen the path that is not a revolution has kind of been like a thing of of my heart in other words like starting a new a new thing and not just kind of following the sheep not following the Monday So this is actually. This appeals a lot to me with this idea. Do you think you're a free spirit. Yeah I've done it my way I I can definitely see him craft in my life the way that I wanted to be and And it's great because the more that you do that the more that I found myself doing it more I found my my world circumstances falling in line with it. I'm a big.

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