Washington, Senator John Mccain, Horry Schneider discussed on Yankees at Astros, Game 1


For the first time in the regular season he went up against the as the devil's played washington twice in the pre season but said it's different in the regular season the energies a little higher the adrenaline is blowing it'll be flowing a lot higher when he goes to washington on december 30th for the first gain in our nation's capital where he grew up in the national hockey league but an exciting time for markets johannesen who is out there for the opening faceoff our referee senator john mccain icic and ryan clark mara brag about chickens nowak are the lion's mane the first period is driven by guy going officials sponsor of the national hockey league great hope in the goal around laugh horry schneider in the goal through our rights yes two of the best i think we're watching tonight we get thrown a couple others but these guys i would pick if i need to win one series either one of them would be a good choice it'll be a guinea coo's netsov and adam henrique gone the draws the puck is dropped in we are underway here at revenge will santer caps bring the puck into the devil dead eighty green drives it around for gypsy hazy back against the blue light kept in this although by the cap so any renewal this type pounded off the air our sidewall the puk roles all the way doubt icing is way thought at the last minute if jon hansen bumps brooks or pick now keeps that saw top set up ahead to the neutral zone where ovechkin plays of ahead ahead terada fronting for the shot that's off the stick of green rolls giorgio hence it takes it away from this can only rolls off his thick and the puk goes out of play yeah that had been just a little lower would hit the boards save with lung the glass yelled hood at a two one one but you know vet skinny girls would he be help with anybody elfguard than hemassist yet he's got this i young award he they know that's right well last year was a subpar season for ovechkin he had only and i put that in the quotes thirty three golds but this is the guy who scored fifty threat yearly scores forty he's gotten off to a good start yeah and they said last year you know he didn't want to be the.

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