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Two months ago. Large demonstrations like this were unheard off in Belarus, now, their weekly events today for the seventh Sunday in a row, Tens of thousands of people marched through the center of the capital Minsk, calling for President Alexander Lukashenko to step down. As expected. The security forces were also there with their masks and unmarked vans unable to stop the main event, but drank ng away people as they assembled in smaller groups in Mali, A new prime minister is being named a move which should see the lifting of sanctions imposed by West African countries after last month's coup. Was announced on state television that the transitional president had appointed mocked our one World News from the BBC. This is WN Y C. Good afternoon on my on Levinson, The union representing New York City principals and administrators has taken a vote of no confidence in Mayor de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza. The union is asking the State Education Department to intervene, saying the city schools are not ready to reopen for in person learning on Tuesday. Many principles have said they don't have the resource is they need to make their building safer. Airflow and social distancing principles have also been scrambling to hire additional teachers to cover both in person and remote learning. Under New York City's blended plan allows for students to attend school two or three days a week and learn remotely the other days. While other students have opted for only remote learning marital Blasio has delayed the start of the school year twice already this fall. Witnesses say the NYPD use aggressive force and breaking up a protest calling for justice for Briana Taylor, this time in the West Village, where video show officers charging at demonstrators last night. And one video of protesters seen stepping into the crosswalk at West 10th and Hudson streets and officer rushes towards him as several other officers sprint towards other demonstrators who scatter Rebecca Fish bind described the scene and what we thought was. A huge wall of cop just a huge I know. I can't even tell you how many there were like dozen several 100. At least four people were arrested for disorderly conduct. State Senator Brett Homeland who represents the area, says he reached out to the NYPD for an explanation over the use of force to arrest the protesters. Health officials say Koven 19 cases continue to grow an alarming rate and eight New York City neighborhoods They include grave, said Flats, flatlands Rather, Sheepshead Bay, Midwood Borough Park and Bensonhurst in Brooklyn and Q Gardens and Far Rockaway in Queens. Health officials also say cases are growing and more tests are coming. Positive. Coming back positive in eight additional ZIP codes. It's for 06. This is W. Hello. And welcome to news out from the BBC World Service coming to you live from London. I'm James. Come on, Sammy. The territorial and historical dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Armenian controlled and clave.

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