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Fifteen thousand dollars a month have the price. Sheet a little because I'll give you fifteen thousand dollars a month. And you just suck meal. You're she said she goes, I couldn't say no it was so much, but she took her like, she's your sister and her brother on our vacations, and she goes, and I be and then I just tracked it all. Bull shit. But it's true. She was like he was he was undeniable shift eighty me too. So on deniable now, she. Those very romantic scorpions a lot fifteen grand a month lower to the single. And there was some smoke Shona fucking strip club. And I was like, dude. I will I'd pay five grand a month, just to whatever. Hell, yeah. He had money. And she was like, she just. Okay. Who does that James hearted because he doesn't want to get me to have fake rape accusation? So he was paying this name Shaha something just this white girl. The pool out. I see her hued pay her genocea think you'd pay her monthly fee. Okay. I'm endorsing and people are like, dude. So she's a professional again. Don't give a fuck I endorse that one hundred percent. That's probably I approve Missy more pictures, please. Let me I'm gonna get my hand down my pants. This is going to be weird. Yeah. Pay her and just like he didn't have to worry about anything. She's not getting pregnant nothing. She's on call whenever we wanted. Yeah. Look at her book her. Yes. Yeah. She's sick dough. Dick. He's good. Yeah. For sure. She's done. She's done the rounds. Probably look at the hips. What's that say? An escort tells one MBA wife for man, oh, she's talking shit to Dan. She she is bodied up a little bit of tummy on. I I don't mind that at all. No. She's just got heard up little Georgia peachy. She will suck you dry on. Now. Dude, you don't know if that's what she's about you on her now. Listen, I'm I have a hunch. I'm not an expert. Yeah. She's into black. Well, I'll tell you what I have even bigger that whether or not she is black guys are very her her DM's, nifty hustle, and she he got killed didn't he? Yeah. Zen current events. Yeah. We'll save it. Got hold on. My body's overloading. Oh, she do. She is. I see. Just. That's classy shit. I mean, that's just a little bit more graceful. Show you're out on the bay. Luc's few. She farted. It would have been better as far. So that's not too obvious though. This is classy..

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