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Two nine five K FTC and the podcast is free. Why because. Stupid can get it anywhere in podcasts are given away by stupid people. So we got this note from an anonymous person longtime listener and foster parent we've had training on trafficking in the biggest surprise for me. Was it was not some creepy guy that usually gets the girls or boys. It's young girls. They befriend the girl or boy, they have cool stuff new phone. Nice clothes news games. My daddy. Bought it for me. They have cash to buy food. They seem cool. It's very appealing to kids who have had. No dad, for instance, which is most foster kids and have not had the finer things the lady that taught our class managed to get out of that world. She started by going with a girlfriend because it seemed safe it starts slowly just do this one little thing in a by you that jacket you've always wanted and it builds once they have you in debt than they use. You are trainer actually solicited other girls into the trade. And yes, drugs are huge part. She mentions the most horrifying thing was the life expectancy of a child. A girl in trafficking is seven years are usually dead and seven years that doesn't bother the dealers as there used up by that time and their new kids coming down the line. That's about the worst thing. You're gonna hear all day. Right. You mentioned foster kids don't have the loving support. I noticed with ours. Who is fantastic, by the way, it's not just your support that she was never taught right from wrong. Then she gives an example. And luckily, we found out about it enabled to explain it. When your parent figures have no morals, you grow up not knowing morals if I can do nothing else. I would encourage people to look into the foster system become a foster parent. It's not easy. But these kids need us. Half a foster kids end up dead or in jail or turning tricks. The percentage of girls I'm departing from the text here who end up as either underaged rape slaves or prostitutes. Astonishing help if you can and we have thank you for the note, MS anonymous, and we we have through the years, and I'm thinking in in the next year to to come it might even become a bigger priority around here on the show, and fundraising that sort of thing because the situation with fatherm foster is absolutely heartbreaking. And what I love about the cause is if you are a communist. Or a progressive or a moderate or conservative or like way out on the right wing everybody agrees. Oh my God. These kids never had a chance, and I'm happy to pitch in to help them. I mean, I've never run into anybody. Who says on all those stupid seven year olds without parents. They're on their own. I mean, no human being thinks that right? So you'd think you'd be better known are you into the profanity fi profanity laced blowout between the John's. I'm calling it. The battle of John's between John Kelly and John Bolton the national security advisor in the chief of staff apparently got into a screaming match. Now, it's being reported by CNN and the Washington Post which regularly make crap up. Well, they print stuff somebody made up, right? Right. They print something that somebody said. And go with it is clearly it's true. Because somebody told me this New York Post also reporting it. That they got into a screaming match, and it was even more intense than usual. Sources told CNN the blow up profanity laced per Bloomberg news was related to the ongoing disagreement over how to handle the the crossings of the Mexico border. I see that Bolton took took a verbal swipe at the homeland security secretary who was Kelly. Remember John Kelly was the homeland security. Oh, that's right secretary. Right. He took the chief of staff so this was his handpicked successor. He's friends a her first sugars Nielsen. So apparently Bolton's mustache boatman is mustache together tag team her. Said something about her being weak on this issue and Kelly took offence next thing, you know, they're dropping bombs at each other. And it's a high pressure work environment. I could see I don't know that I believe it. But I'm not even that impressed by it. I'm not either a couple a couple of guys getting into it briefly with with some Cussing. Valerie Jarrett was famously. Adamant I think I recall her being described as obscene frequently as well. And harsh. I dunno. I dunno. I mentioned it. I think it's interesting. It's a helluva seen the picture. I mean, it's exciting is hell, I just don't know that it means much. Who knows this your opinion or your mustaches? I'd say. Took him down a peg. I dunno. So in king Henry, the eighth pleasure palace. Hampton court. There is no escaping class divisions. Which reminds me the one of the lady scientists who was part of putting out those fake news fake research papers had a conversation with a socialist newspaper that I found very interesting. She is way laughed way left. But thought the grievance sciences pushed in universities are out of their minds. It's it's fake. It's not real science. It's it's entirely emotional. And she's like, a socialist. So I salute her a willingness to take on quote unquote, her own side when you're a series. It is dishonest. If you're a serious researcher, whether you're a communist, or whatever you are you don't like fake research. Right. Right. Even if perpetrated by people you tend to agree with. But back to the much important much more important topic of king Henry the eighth. Groom of the stool who even sleep boy looks down upon the king, of course, had a luxurious place to squat. This is from the fabulous folks that mental floss one of my favorite publications now websites ever. According to the Hampton Court palace website. He and other royals sat atop a padded chair covered in sheepskin black velvet ribbons. Lofted above pewter chamber, pot luck that would be a little hard to clean, especially with the cleaning equipment of back in the day. Black velvet feel mighty nice on your high new though, there's no denying that's gross. It was the seat. It wasn't the interior gross. What? The toilet was private located in the so-called stool room that has that was attended by high ranking courtier known as the groom of the stool give me a year on Henry the eighth. What is he he says middle fifteen hundred? Okay. I happen to have that in front of me. That's what I was gonna guess. Yeah. You're very very. No, no modern conveniences of any right in spite of the Roman empire and the empire having very advanced plumbing. This sort of thing it was lost to us. Because sometimes humankind goes backwards. Anyway. The the growth of the story was considered a well respected gig. It was high up in the hierarchy apparently the groom would even take notes on the sovereign's movements in fifteen thirty nine Henry the eighth. Groom showed a flair for you from his um by writing that the king had taken laxatives inexperienced, quote, a very fair siege. More than I need to hear. That's all long along by Mark the artichoke farmer. Well, he's in day digging the dirt from an artichokes. He doesn't have time for your suburban squeamishness radio. Boy, these he understands the realities of life, maybe I his home with an illness. Where I felt like I was going to vomit which continues into today that that story seems a little unpleasant sorry to hear that. I don't have a velvet either to my stomach yesterday..

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