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Sixty six wfan and wfan fm new york joe happy knicks next week from the fountain of youth come back plate about it jose in the bronx jose you're on the fan always a pleasure going back with dimension i go back like two previous caller i go back to the polo grounds i i went to the first major trophy game in nineteen sixty yeah it was fifty thousand fans you know for a while in the sixties that games the may tro what's the what's the biggest draw in and for the year i remember remember when the mets beat the the yankees and the front pages daily news is casey stangl says casey's mets beat the yankees frontier that was the first one was in sixty three when the metro of a hundred and fifty fifth street bridge they played across across the river from each other and i go back to you know what talking about yunky fans would you please stop it with this picture stuff first of all who saw their you know tony when when they call and i wish all the other host when people say you know they have to get a pitcher who please tell me will you be my one against the package for cole hamels yay that's what's out there now now now cashman ditto as the cold heating wanna give up tourists they wanna tourist now do you want to give up would you have rather giving tourists to have gathered here made but look look at torres torres there's going to be around for the next twenty years or fifteen years you know i i don't want to give up and these pictures they could go in the flash you don't know how to protect the pictures as it is and you guys are gonna play every day please stop it with this thing you know every time i hear all these shows you gotta you gotta put your when you say get a pitcher hey who you want a guy who's one a or two but then they're not available and well let's they are available but it's gonna cost you all your young prospects and you're not you're not gonna need accurate cook to do that because i i even explore that you bring up the the young guys that see what they can do i absolutely especially nowadays where the bullpen does the bulk you know.

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