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Is you know in the budget for them to travel for so many trips those two camps at they're like it's not safe from like what do you mean associated said last week a group of chimps came throw pulled a baby off a woman's back and ate the baby up in the canopy. I'm like maybe they'll stay card. Money guard marnie. So it's like you know there are many times where it's hurry up and wait. And you're working twelve hour fifteen hour day. It's sometimes come at the end of the trip or now what i'll do is up my kid into a show and if they want to be a part you get to be part of the greek and i did so my youngest daughter rina loves to do them loves to be a part of it. Oh you're talking about steve irwin. So what was that line. So i remember i was filming in nome alaska And and at that time nome alaska had a chinese restaurant a sushi restaurant in an italian restaurant in the sub shop. They were all the same restroom gnome. Way it s and That's funny so i remember. Here's knock in the door like two o'clock in the morning and it was some guy. They're part of a group looking for gold. Jeff corwin to hear about steve irwin. Elaine what he this stranger woke me up. I woke up my producer. Who was there and when some guy just knocked in the door and sits you know. Steve irwin has just died. I was absolutely shocked. And then the phone started ringing and it was totally totally surreal. And you know a horrible horrible events and and and just such a random seeming thing. Considering all the things he went through and saw the dangerous situations he was in. Did that. give you pause to that to that At do anything to deter you from some of the situations you were putting yourself in. It didn't give me pause because i tell you. By that point. I had been two plane. Crashes that summer what eight months before that we had navigated survival an acoustic guitar and southwest ware asia. Where what country. In in thailand i. It was in cambodia. We were filming there. I've been there many times. And we were a whole story on black market wildlife trade and while we were there thailand and cambodia at fisticuffs before we knew it the. Us embassy burnt down. They burnt down our hotel. All our passports were at the thai embassy because we needed to get visas for something and we sent our fixture in to look through the ashes. He got attacked. It was wild. And so you know we've had moments like that. Yeah i mean. I was literally might at the time was three years old. My wife was next to me. We were in a plane engine. Blew and we're buck making emergency landing and brooks falls alaska so we've survived. That stuff like this going to do life is going to do so. I never said man. I need to be more care via less. You live your life. You do your best and what happens happens. How do you feel about. Do you ever think about the afterlife. And you're all these perilous situations you you've come so close to a do you think it is is the afterlife or something for the the beyond anything that you certainly. Don't fixate on it but you think about it. I don't think about that. I don't look at the world that way. I fake this is your moment and you make the best out of this moment for me. I don't speak brady body else. Yeah and i think. I wanna make my life the best. My family's life the best an afterlife for me is is creating an environment where that next generation will inherit of a viable biologically rich in healthy planet. That is my opportunity of attributing that my own small little way. I can't imagine there's anything above. And beyond what i have experienced and what i hope to experience more with my projects that have work. Now what is there for me after this life. That's better than this life. Yeah that makes sense especially considering the things you've seen so then i want just want as much of it as joyful and healthily and physically to participate as one can get in a very small human lifespan. Okay really quick. Jeff around we have a quick knee-jerk whatever response. What is your most commonly used emoji. If you do use emojis. i just started using emojis. I last week. Oh congratulations centered jimmy. And i'd be like. Oh how do you put that vase or you know. The thumbs bald eagle emotion there. Well i didn't realize until last week. Oh that's what that is how you do it. I was afraid to ask the. Because i would come across is technologically. So you're still in your training wheels. You're i-it's thumbs up. Oh classics up. Classic that's good for me thumbs up if you could be a professional athlete. What sport would you play. I love to swim. I would love to be a love when i'm swimming. Good and strong. And i often through my lapse. I think like michael phelps just trailing jeff cohen going. Oh that's yeah you. Did you swim in high school when you were hidden but i started swimming college and i'm i'm pretty sucky at a lot of sports In fact i was asked to throw a ball up to the pittsburgh pirates and my wife didn't want to go because she couldn't handle it not making it to the diamond. Might make you sing me. My friend was in the living room. And i'm like underhand hitting lamps and my wife was like i'm not going on getting it across the play. I'd be worried about that too because it could be. The downside is much greater than than any potential upset upset. Is you get it over the big moment. Yeah that was pretty rough. That was No i. I was off sports but i was really good at swimming. And then when i started a swim aggressively and actively and then became became. I got into free diving you. Yeah why i i always. I always need that when doing laps. I need that mental thing to get me. Get me through it. Your red sox fan when a win and be the patriots row now this year. Yeah sometimes yeah i am. I like our. We've got awesome sportsman. Yeah you sure do If you could have one snack food for the rest of your life Your go-to you're watching a movie. Just want to munch on something. What would you choose my wife's laughing. Or i might my homemade roasted peanuts. Roast mailed peanuts and the best known roast peanut on a skillet on the stove. And you toast the southie stage when they make pad thai they just roast them on this flat surface or in the sometimes central america. The do what's on a on a kamal out. So i just do it by the raw peanuts. Valencia redskin on peanuts ochre. and then. I love their like my go-to kinda like you a little seizing. I had no see. I had no seasoning to them because of the salt doesn't really stick to it but i i'll chop up like a little bit organic beef jerky to it. And i liked that flavor of the nuts house. That's kind of my go-to snack. I may a An apple guy. I love a great new england. Macintosh apple macintosh yet. People have been saying honey crisp. For whatever reason i think they must be in seasonally. Chris i feel like i need to go to the dentist after i have. Okay all right apple. That's a circus. That's like one of the marshmallow circus peanuts with an apple skin around it. It's too sweet. It's to desert its second..

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