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The climate program director at the world resources institute thanks a lot thank you so much for having me uh more than four hundred thousand muslim minority rojita have fled myanmar for bangladesh ingest the past three weeks this huge number of people is straining the capacity of eight agencies on the ground and of the bangladesh government and more refugees arrive each day many of them mm are staying in camps in and around the town of cox's bazar michael sullivan sent this report on the road some cox's bazar in southern bangladesh to the town of teknaf near the border with myanmar pandemonium late this afternoon as government aid workers pulled up a semitrailer don load supplies to thousands of anxious inpatient and hungry refugees what law everything good for late thirty in the morning until deylaud and now they're getting best if you through that's lionel islamia a local government official tasked with supervising the distribution at this one site more than ten thousand people i've given really how many days of even doing is it always chaotic like this all alert the new horrible an already he did everyday newlook is coming from i am a when will they stopped anything not coming i know my don't lie delayed lulled only only on suit chino's he says she's the defacto head of men or maybe miyama's generals who led the campaign against the rule hill sees like today's will common along the road a steady stream of refugees walking alongside it their meagre belongings slung over their shoulders looking not just for food shelter subtitled the goal has not found her swatting by the side of the road looking laws her twoyearold daughter cradled in her arms and yet i see that dan i gotta she came just this morning she says crossing the border from mian maher and walked in the rest of the way he sled me amar last week's he says after me and military came to her village gone courcel that ain't atapattu wednesday they burned are so we ran to another she says what the next day that burned it too so let that we just kept going until we reach the river but her husband and two of her children were killed she says along the way now it's just her and her daughter it's starting to rain you're standing here next to the side of the road with your daughter what are you going to do for shelter tonight.

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