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I look back at it and i just go wow that was get it done right there jeff last one you go back to being a nine or ten year old and having that great quarter mature racing anyone i saw recently that leo made some laps and a quarter which i know ele did a few years ago but i lately i've been seeing more gymnastics any yeah any future on the racing side for the the gordon kits might it's i think you're going to see leo do some racine ele she's the adventure sworn in our family i will say she will try anything yet and she tried racing in in she did great at it but as soon as she got out there with other cars at when we were to get her license shifted lined up with other cars and they bumped you you're a two two to do the lineup and the restarts in sushi felt that she goes yeah i'm good i don't i don't need to do this anymore so she didn't want to race after that but leo has taken more of a pro push to to get him behind the wheel so we have been trying to push him and then one day just said what am i going to go back to the race track can us oh you ready to get in there so we've been waiting we've been waiting for that moment in in there was an and so he's done so practicing enforcing the weather over the winter was was tough when we couldn't get a licence we wanna come down here race at daytona loved that they had quarter midgets here in the and feel that they tone of this past weekend uh but it just didn't work out so once we get his license and we'll we'll we'll get him out there and do so do some races in and see how it goes from there and then y'all l us she's quite low competitors your she does gymnastics now wonder first competition.

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