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But so mcq secret. So don't tell anyone. I don't tell anyone didn't even tell you did. I know i didn't know about tell me at all any glass. He goes on a show announces it. I said i thought it was a secret. 'cause yeah i thought i was talking about talk about on the show okay. It's not a secret anymore. We're running in the race on the team. You can sign up What's the link later on. But it's the it's the step for calling five k. You can google it and find a bowl tweet at the lincoln tweeted the link. You can sign up. You can join kirk teen. He minahan and do that. Actually so There's been reports that this team was in top three for a long time. But i don't know that we're still a nighthawk again. They're a really big teams. Yes so So i would. It would be great if you if you all stepped up. It's a great cause joined the team. We need to say at least in the top ten. I think the top three would be. I guess after the race We're going to do a show. I one in a while. manhattan you're going to be there. I'll be there. I started training. Yesterday is gonna screw it up. Probably we'll see. I guess we'll have a we'll play. We'll play parts of it on our show. The next day i think on Yes on my day. I mean you you. We'll we'll see we'll play it by ear but we'll see how it goes but You can sign up. You can join the team you can hang out and watch the show. I guess that's how it's gonna work. Yeah and it's a great cost so sign up joint suras. Lots of big teams. Lots of teachers because she was a teacher. All goes to scholarships for people. Wanna be teachers. She was a teacher who was murdered by her student. If you haven't forget the story google it. It's a disturbing and tragic and her family's amazing friends are all there. It's a very emotional day and an uplifting day and I just going to say. I look good and pink l. What you. I look good and pink. I do not. will you gotta wear it anyway. I will And they're nice shirts and hats and everything else. It's a first class race so Join us on. Can you confirm that. September nineteen sunday. Yes won't confirm it. the nineteenth. that's today terai nineteenth in andover so join us see. See you there. Anything else culina. I'm not calling anything else No correio i'm used to. I gotta stop. I gotta stop saying that. Going to change the chain of script but that is it for today we will leave it there. Thanks to everybody for watching for listening for commenting. Thanks turtle boy. He had to go rap child's face in an in cloth and put her on the bus man now. Annoying turtaboi is to like the teachers principals. He shows up. Everything went a mask and he won't put one on and soon amateurs kid will be rebellious as he is and she'll be causing problems and that's good because everybody should be rebelling against this insanity but we will we will we'll give you an update on turtle boy 'cause incense school just start this week. He's going to be a problem. He's going to be a problem for that. School district problem for any of these mask fanatics all right. We will leave it there. I'm jerry kelly. This is the callahan podcast and we will talk again soon. Stopping stops. i. Don't i can go home and good. Gerry callahan podcast..

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