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Felicity Huffman is one of the prominent celebrities charged in what's being called the largest college admissions bribery scandal in US history Huffman is alleged to have paid fifteen thousand dollars to a fake charity that was really part of a college admissions test cheating scandal, which either someone took the test for the student or someone changed the answers. After the test was taken her husband William H Macy talked recently on Kelly and Ryan about their daughter going off to college. She auditioned for NYU days ago. And then Carnegie Mellon full house and hallmark channel. Actress Lori Laughlin is accused of paying a half million dollars for her daughter to be admitted to USC is part of the rowing crew. Both are charged with felony conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. Jim Roope, Los Angeles. The LA times is now reporting that USC has fired associate athletic director, Donna hinal and men's and women's water polo, coach yovany Vavi. After allegedly receiving bribes, totaling more than one point three million and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars respectively to help parents take advantage of the relaxed admission standards for athletes at USC, even though their children were not legitimately being recruited as athletes. The parents of a third grade. Student are now suing L A USD, alleging their son was told by his teacher to urinate into a garbage bag in front of his class Sonia. Mongolia, says her son has been traumatized by the incident, which she says happened last November and talks about it. He's he's still doesn't know why he wonders why this happened in wanted teacher punished him for having an accident and why he was punished by two different teachers and one day the family's attorney Tony horror Mia says the school is not responding no-one beached out. I mean, this is all over the news people are communities are talking about it. And so I would expect that there would be a call. They know where to reach me, they know where to reach his parents Sonia. Mongolian Tony horror. Mea were guests on the morning drive. I'm Jeff whittle KABC news. A thirty eight year old man has been charged with the murder of the nine year old girl whose body was found last week on a hiking trail in hacienda heights. Emil hunt was allegedly has an earlier conviction for child abuse in San Diego was arraigned today in Pomona courtroom in connection with the death of trinity love Jones. The girl's family says hunt is the boyfriend of Trinity's mother to quest Graham, and that she's also being held onto million dollars. Bail haunt allegedly killed a girl around March first four days before her body was discovered Graham is also a registered sex offender having been convicted in two thousand nine of enticing, a minor female for prostitution..

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