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Of love and out of fear of her volatile temper but justin felt none of that duty to Celeste. One Police Police Sergeant Paul Night Question Justin. He suggested nights speak with a woman named Tracy Tarleton when Jennifer and her friends arrived at the hospital. Jennifer's boyfriend Christopher also mentioned tracy even saying the woman was in love. What's the last Sergeant night followed up on the teenager. Suspicions he ran a search on tracy discovering several. Dwi is on her record early. that Saturday morning he and detective Rick Wines Pay Tracy visit at home. Tracy opened the front door to find two police officers standing on her front porch. Her heart sank. She felt no surprise. Only dismay as the officers officers introduce themselves tracy trying to calm her breathing she was sure they could hear her heart pounding in her chest. She worried that they could tell now just by the look in her eyes that she was guilty. She forced herself to stop and take a breath when she left the officers then then they spoke lately casually like they were trying to put her at ease or get her to let down her guard. Tracy wouldn't fall for it as a questioned her. She thought carefully before each answer making certain she didn't reveal anything suspicious. She told them that she knew Celeste but they were just friends. She admitted that she knew Steve but not well then they asked about her her gun. When Tracy showed the officers her shotgun? Detective wines noted that it had been cleaned recently Lee. He could still smell the cleaning. Fluid Tracy told them she had been shooting skeet. A few nights earlier officers asked to confiscate the weapon so oh they could test it then they asked Tracy would come to the sheriff's Department for further questioning. Tracy agreed there after a few hours of questioning questioning. She admitted that she and Celeste had been romantically involved but she insisted that she had nothing to do. With Steve Shooting in less than a week however ballistics testing confirmed that the shotgun shell from the floor of Steve Beards bedroom match. Tracy Charlton's ends weapon officers arrested. Tracy charging her with aggravated assault an injury to the elderly. She was released on a twenty five thousand dollar earlier bond after Tracy got out on. Bail the two women found time to see each other two to three times a week. At these meetings Celeste bitterly complained to Tracy about Steve. She was shocked and angry that he had survived. The shooting Seles told tracy that she dreaded the day Steve would be released from the hospital. She still hoped he might die from his injuries. But Tracy prayed he would live if not she could be charged. I with murder at the hospital. Steve remained in the ICU. Following surgery while he was incapacitated passage heated. Celeste decided it was time for her to take control of his bank accounts. She contacted Steve's attorney but he refused to give Celeste full access zest to the finances instead he allowed her in allowance for household. Spending Seles wasted no time finding ways to spend thousands sounds of dollars on what she said. were necessary updates and improvements to her home over the next two months she spent over five hundred thousand thousand dollars of Steve's money Steve was dimly aware of her spending but was too focused on his health to stop her. He figured he would address their issues once. He was better but his recovery came slowly. The shooting had weakened his immune system. He was highly vulnerable to infection. He was surprised when the police arrested Tracy. But despite Celestin Tracy's close relationship he didn't seem to suspect his wife's involvement in the attack Seles. Outrage was convincing. She told him that she hated Tracy for what she had done. Steve didn't realize that Celeste and Tracy were continuing to meet in secret all the while. A Steve Gradually improved. Celeste mental health declined. She was infuriated to be the subject of gossip and rumors around Austin when a local newspaper ran story raising questions about the nature of Seles relationship with Tracy. Seles call the editor in chief to complain. When Colon radio shows discussed the case on air? Celeste telephone the deejays to defend herself. She seemed more concerned with salvaging her reputation mutation than with helping Steve get better. Her limited ability to empathize with Steve's distress was typical for someone with narcissistic cystic tendencies. Studies indicate that between sixteen and thirty nine percent of patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Such a Celeste test also show symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder the diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders states that narcissists I have an impaired ability to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others. It further states that narcissists are excessively attuned into the reaction of others but only if perceived as relevant to solve after plotting Steve's death Seles could only see how the botch murder her attempt negatively affected her stuck in a hospital bed. Steve Sometimes felt abandoned by. Celeste and their relationship suffered though Celeste made regular visits to Steve at the hospital the two frequently argued about her spending habits or about her neglecting him around Christmas time nearly three months following the shooting. Celeste returned home after a screaming. Match in Steve's hospital room she picked a fight with Christina culminating and Seles snatching picture frame and throwing it against the wall she then took a piece of broken broken glass from the frame and held it to her arrest. Christina contacted police who transported Celeste to a psychiatric hospital for an Overnight Stay Steve Cod Christina to comfort her after the episode telling her she sick. She doesn't mean these things as he had throughout their marriage. Steve Clung to the belief that somehow things would eventually settle down and return to normal. Perhaps when he was out of the hospital and could keep closer. Eye on Celeste. By January of two thousand Steve's condition had improved enough for him to be discharged urged. Celeste told his doctors that she was against his release claiming that he wasn't ready but Steve wanted to go home. He spent just one night in his own bed before Seles brought him back to the hospital. She said he was acting confused. and complaining of chest pains Doctors examined Steve and found that he was suffering from a yeast infection. The admitted him to the hospital despite his protests that he was getting better after his first night back in the hospital. Steve seemed alert but after a few days his health took a sharp decline. Aw on January. Twenty second seventy five year old. Steve Beard died suddenly of Pulmonary. Embolism the county medical. Examiner ruled that the blood clot was a complication from his gunshot wound so he listed the cause of death as murder.

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