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Will discover that. She gets there hisself every single time if you keep allowing her to process she'll eventually say things like but actually when on the back of that now i realize it was always going to be i k- and i just had to trust myself or she finds ryan on says around what she wants to do about that question. She's being struggling with. Should i get that to work. What should i do about this relationship. What should i tell my boss. How can i talk to my mother-in-law better she finds it has self because we have created a world where unusual experience of each other as women is bullying judgment token over the top of each other comparing each other. Especially if you have had an experience in your teenage years of not fitting in of being rejected any of these things then of course even when you are invited into a place to talk your nervous system. Your body's memory will stop. You can talk about that. I can't be really happy. Roar can't take up space. There is something so so healing about finding a place where you can talk when no one is trying to fix it for you when no one is telling you to hurry up and move on and hashtag bless your life place where you can realize that women. He'll each other simply by sitting together. That's what happens when we get the women together. Whether it's online all post covered back in person again. There is a healing that happens when we come together with no agenda and we finally feel like we can take.

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