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Into computer signs and so on and this was very extraordinary in the eighties. So and there were five of us. Who are banning together with hidden exploring a bit more and we had an interesting legal night. Electrical system by you could build a microprocessors out of gates and an eddie and so on. And so that there wasn't instruction how to build microprocessor out of these pieces and be good at working at I thought i'm going to become a mitra processor. Engineer and so much wealth is of computers actually started pretty much with the hardware on microprocessor damage. And it's something on following today it's fascinating worlds of what's possible nowadays in this area. Yes absolutely one interesting question. Goodbye what you said about computer. Science the eighty of software we call software engineers and southend engineering. Then there is computer science and others say programming is art. It's craftmanship so what is your take on it. How how have you. Perceived is that. How do you internalize me. Yeah okay for me. In the it's it's it isn't art in the end. It's an art. Like any craftsmanship thing. And why i think that i mean you need to pass the something. You need to have attended. Of course you need to have a talent for these kinds of things and talent requires an interest and some core abilities to captured area. But then you need to develop pets talent into a mastery and then may maybe an engineer when your strength the senior become an engineer and you can do a lot of things but then there's one that would more and that's when you become an artist spaniel more or less transcending from everything you learned that you can create new stuff and you're quite freely moving in your your article. Say so i think maybe all these definitions might be correct but it just depends on what kind of person you are so i actually went it software development. I went from engineering through mass free to being actually an artist in the domain of us plus programming. But.

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