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Maybe i'll win you to my position but i don't have the right to come and tell you you have to do it this way now. If nine of us agree we need the road and three of us. Don't i still don't see much benefit enforcing the three to participate. Let's be gentle. Let's not coerce other people to do our. I will not going to advocate for forcing our neighbors to do it now to wrap up the show. I don't know exactly how how a lot of these things hold up. You know when you go from joshua's fantasy metaphor of a dozen people on a on a island nation to a twenty-first-century entry mega-city was twenty three million people in it. I'm not i'm not trying to do anything other than to talk about the underlying underlying thing. I'm not advocating <hes> one way or the other follow. The government did was build roads and range for proper court system fine. I'll i'll pay a pay it and move on but my argument it is this the majority of the functions of our modern governments are built on institutionalized immorality instead set of government that exists that's commissioned to provide justice to provide relief and restitution for the victims of crime where you you have a victim that can bring a lawsuit and say i was wronged. That's the proper function of government said of that. We live in political systems that are based upon encouraging urging sin and immorality politicians encourage covetousness teaching people that they're entitled to the property of others listen. If you vote for me we'll make sure or that. We soak those people for what they us. That's covetousness and theft by majority vote. If you'll just vote for me i'll make sure we go get get some of their property for you and i'll reward you for it doesn't work as can have long term success. It was not always this way in the united states. I can't comment on european history and i don't know all the demarcation points but i understand american history pretty. Well was not always this way. In the united states is there is a sociologist robert nisbet one time an essay remark that in the year he was born nineteen thirteen the only contact that most americans had with the federal government the post office and it was later that year that the federal reserve act was passed in the late session just before christmas break and that was when the income tax came into effect and since that time the ongoing never ending expansion of the federal government has just continued and it will in my guess it will probably continue until bankruptcy easy so what do we do we just start by repenting of our own sin of our own covetousness and theft and rebuking it wherever it comes if i see that i'm looking over at that guy because he's richer than me and i'm saying that well he owes. It was me money because he's richer that's wrong and so i had to stop saying i'm not gonna do that and a politician comes along and tries to stir up my covetousness for another person's property and make me greedy for another person's property. I acknowledge what they're doing. I rebuke say stop if they earned their property lawfully and justly without stealing from others. That's their business. Their property is not mine now if they've stolen from others whether through whatever means whether through outright right theft through abuse of contracts or something something the staff and that's needs to be righted and plenty of that rich people are not all rich because they're all just virtuous people. There's a whole lot of theft has gone on and nothing that i'm saying is going to change that. I'm not i'm not saying there's not a place for us to stand up against people who who were stealing from others but i gotta start with myself i gotta start by controlling those impulses that i have of greed and covetousness essence desire to steal from others and then not trying to vote for things like that beyond that teach my children not to be greedy for other people's property to be proud out of working in generating the property their own through honest peaceful <hes> trade and commerce with other people voluntary relationships with people not trying to use intimidation and forced to get their way and.

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