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Back to the Jimbo Hannah chod one 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo one 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6 and we're talking with Sean Walsh from the consulting firm Wilson Walsh George Ross consulting about the midterm elections which are coming up And the impact that that can have on the country And the mindset of Democrats to apparently well it almost done to me like Marie Antoinette you know let them let them eat cake Let them fill up their tanks with the $7 a gallon gasoline I mean it's remarkable The extent to which they not only are out of touch but don't seem to mind Spot on I mean in California it's devastating Look we're no joke We're a state where people drive their cars to work And so even though unemployment numbers are down and you've got some wages that are up it's all being eaten alive You can't even buy steak at a Costco now because it's too expensive So it is let them eat cake I will tell you another thing too Jim and you mark my words We saw a horrible horrible shooting incident in Sacramento last weekend And so the crazy crazy policies that have been instituted across this country to attack our police officers and to say that they're terrible people and they need to be prosecuted Well there have been some abuses and that needs to be dealt with But they've gone so far to the left They let people out of California We have a get out of jail free pass now for people and based on those policies to give people released early on their sentences and our liberal parole board a person who should have been in prison was let out and he was a gang member and he took a gun and shot up 6 killed 6 people and injured ten others in Sacramento And I think this country is going to look and see the crime rates that have happened in Baltimore and all across this country and say you know what We're letting criminals out of prison It's gone too far We need to put people back in here are going to protect our homes and protect our families So it's not just the economy It's quality of life in the cities and counties that we're living in across this country Here's the call from Marlin in San Francisco good evening Marlin Good evening Jim bob I understand what you're saying what's going on with California and I agree Now regarding to the inflation a little history here is like during The Great Depression is blamed for this depression by the public And also with Obama with the recession and also with reggae doing a high inflation and now we have President Biden with the inflation boost shortage and gas right increased So my question to you is the people still blame President Biden because it inflation and food shortages If so why It's happening on his watch for one thing I'll grant you that presidents don't determine prices Or the economy even the chair of the Federal Reserve it doesn't have that kind of power Of course if presidents control the economy they would never be such a thing as a recession So I understand what you're saying but it's happening on his watch and he has pursued policies which certainly haven't helped in it I mean massive excessive spending does not help curb inflation but I'll defer to Sean Walsh Well I will tell you that I do think there's a significant amount of blame Number one we paid people during COVID and coming out of COVID not to work which then put increased pressure on employers to raise wages and to raise those wages I think it was part of the Democrat effort to try and have a $15 national minimum wage They basically controlled or tried to control the labor market So the wages went up to people that are going to working in fast food and other restaurants But the prices went up and they were passed along So all of those increases in the pocketbook now have gone out the window and people are hurting even more with regards to energy policies California is an energy island We don't connect to the rest of the country We get most of our energy from imports from around the world even though we have a very robust domestic supply in California Democrat policies have been in such that we try and do greenhouse gas emissions and put pressure on that and before the country is ready to be electrified in their cars And so now you see a crisis at the pump You see pipelines that are shut down So where we.

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